New motion for Labour Parties: Labour must act now to save NHS from privatisation

We are promoting the following motion to put forward in branch and constituency Labour Parties.

If you have already passed similar policy, please feel free to use parts of it selectively. Also, if you think the motion is too long, we recommend submitting the text from “Believes” on, and using the “Notes” as background.

If you are submitting the motion, or have successfully passed it, let us know: Continue reading

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National Union of Students backs junior doctors’ strike, NHS bursary fight and NHS Bill

The following motion was passed at the 2016 National Union of Students conference, which took place in Brighton 19-21 April. It was written by Momentum NHS supporters and proposed by one of them, Edinburgh University delegate Vijay Jackson.

Motion 506 | Fight to save the National Health Service – back the junior doctors and NHS bursary struggles

Submitted by: Edinburgh University Students’ Association

Conference Believes
1. That the momentum of the junior doctors’ dispute about working conditions and the “Bursary or Bust” campaign to save NHS student bursaries gives us an opportunity to more actively oppose the Tories’ dismantling and privatisation of the NHS.
2. That the NHS Bill, which when motions was submitted was about to return to Parliament, provides a rough outline of how to reverse the assault on the NHS.

Conference Further Believes
1. That health workers’ struggles are an essential part of the fight to save the health service. If the junior doctors’ and bursary struggles win, it will put us in a much stronger position to oppose the privatisation agenda.
2. That the NHS as its best has represented at least elements of planning and provision for need in the midst of an exploitative and unequal society – at least aspiring to the idea that everyone has an equal right to life and health regardless of wealth. We must save it.

Conference Resolves
1. To support the junior doctors’ strikes and the NHS bursary struggle.
2. To devote financial and other resources to helping students nurses and health professionals in this fight.
3. To support and campaign for an end to cuts, marketisation and privatisation in the NHS, and for a comprehensive, well funded, publicly owned, run and provided health service meeting clinical need. We support the NHS Bill and will lobby MPs to back it.

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“I don’t think people would expect the Shadow Health secretary to be seen on a doctors’ picket line.” Heidi, that’s exactly what we expect!

yannisandmcdBy Sacha Ismail, Lewisham

On Wednesday 13 April, 40 NHS campaigners from a wide variety of organisations met with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Shadow Health Secretary Heidi Alexander and members of their staffs. It was a useful meeting, which we will report on soon, but immediately I want to comment on something Heidi Alexander said.

Yannis Gourtsoyannis of the BMA Junior Doctors Committee asked Heidi and John about various forms of support for the junior doctors’ dispute. Heidi’s response (once again) left something to be desired, and is worth reporting on. Continue reading

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Labour and the NHS: five questions for our comrade John McDonnell

mcdOn Wednesday 13 April, representatives of a number of NHS campaigns, including Momentum NHS, will meet with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell. This is a positive development; we appreciate the opportunity. Here are five issues we hope to raise with John. Continue reading

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Motion passed unanimously by Sheffield Heeley Constituency Labour Party

We are going to post regular updates on motions passed by Constituency Labour Parties on the NHS. Here is our first, a motion passed unanimously at Sheffield Heeley CLP.


The NHS is being dismantled as a comprehensive, national, public service by this government, through both underfunding, marketisation and privatisation despite the NHS having proved itself as an efficient, successful and hugely popular model of healthcare.

The junior doctors dispute, together with the campaign to save NHS student bursaries and the return of the NHS Bill to parliament on March 11 gives us an opportunity to step up our role in the fight to save the NHS.

We resolve:
To support the junior doctors and NHS students, making links locally and visiting pickets lines and protests;
To support the NHS Bill, call on our MP and the PLP to actively support it;
To work with Sheffield Save Our NHS and others locally
To call on the party nationally to sharpen its stance on the NHS and clearly commit to reversing privatisation and marketisation and rebuilding a comprehensive, well funded publicly owned, run and provided NHS, based on meeting clinical need. Any integration of Health and Social care should be contingent on social care becoming a free publicly funded and provided service.
To call on the party nationally to raise its profile on these issues, sending Jeremy Corbyn to address mass meetings on the NHS around the country and organise a national demonstration to save and rebuild the NHS.

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Momentum Steering Committee resolution on NHS campaigning, including support for NHS Bill and junior doctors

The national Steering Committee of Momentum, which was elected by the national committee representing Momentum groups across the country, and which meets roughly every three weeks, agreed this proposal on 17 March. We look forward to working with Momentum as a whole to put it into practice. Continue reading

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Updated list of signatories on Labour and trade union statement to back NHS Bill and junior doctors

To add your or your organiation’s name to this statement, email Please include your CLP, union, position in organisations, etc. Continue reading

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