Updated version of contemporary resolution on the NHS for Labour Party conference

Below is an updated version of the motion we are supporting for CLPs to send to Labour Party conference (referring to more recent events). For more on the motion and how to submit, see here.

NHS: Stop privatisation, save the health service

Conference notes

The late August announcement of a “glut” of closures and privatisations in the NHS, under the so-called “Sustainability and Transformation Plans”, amid what has been widely described as the worst financial crisis in the health service’s history.

That in September the British Medical Association announced plans for a renewed and escalated program of strikes by junior doctors in its campaign to defend working conditions and to defend the NHS.

Conference commits Labour to

Wholeheartedly supporting junior doctors’ and all health workers’ fight to defend themselves and the NHS.
Exposing and fighting rolling privatisation and cuts, including the “Sustainability and Transformation Plans” which are driving them.
Rolling renationalisation of clinical, ancillary and back-office services; creating a universal, comprehensive, publicly-owned, -run and -accountable, and free (including prescriptions, dentistry, optical care) NHS.
Nationalising social care along the same lines to create a free, public system.
Fully publicly funding both, including by reversing expensive and wasteful privatisation and marketisation; increasing taxes on the rich and corporations; borrowing to invest where necessary.
Ending PFI; liberating the NHS from debt.
Reversing attacks on migrants’ rights to healthcare.
Opposing any “trade deal” aiding privatisation of public services or assets.
Improving workers’ pay, rights, training and say in the service; restoring bursaries; guaranteeing safe staffing levels.
Tackling causes of ill health by reversing “austerity”.
Legislation furthering these goals.
Campaigning with unions, health campaigns and the “NHS (Reinstatement) Bill” initiative.

(233 words)

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One Response to Updated version of contemporary resolution on the NHS for Labour Party conference

  1. Jane Asterley Berry says:

    Please include ‘auditory services’ in the section that deals with examples of ‘universal, comprehensive…’ etc. service areas. I’d be grateful if you would amend as appropriate.
    Otherwise excellent!
    Many thanks


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