Over 700 health workers and campaigners sign statement backing Corbyn – please join them

corbynbmaNHS campaigners have launched the following statement in support of Jeremy Corbyn. It will be sent to the press this week (week ending 4 September).

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We, Labour-supporting nurses, doctors, health and care workers and campaigners, are backing the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn, as the candidate genuinely committed to saving our National Health Service.

Both Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith have said they support a public NHS. But David Cameron has said the same. Being Labour does not automatically mean having a good position on the NHS. The last Labour government sadly promoted privatisation in the health service, a foundation on which the Tories eagerly built.

Looking at Corbyn’s and Smith’s policies and records, the difference is clear.

Jeremy Corbyn has a long record of opposing privatisation and fighting to defend a genuinely public health service. Owen Smith’s record, judged by both repeated public statements and his career as a lobbyist for pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer, is very different. We note he has hired a top Pfizer lobbyist, John Lehal, to run his leadership campaign, alongside other former lobbyists!

We do not want “NHS” to mean a logo stamped on private companies getting public money to take over profitable patients and services, with unprofitable services like A&Es left increasingly starved of cash. Nor an expensive, wasteful bureaucracy to run the health market.

We want the reinstatement of a comprehensive, universal public health service – publicly-owned, -run, -accountable and –provided, and publicly funded to meet clinical need. We want radical policies to tackle the poverty, social deprivation and inequality which contribute so much to ill-health in Britain.

That is why we are backing Corbyn’s re-election and calling for all NHS supporters to do the same. The clear differences on health are central to this campaign.


Signatories include (all pc):

Dr Yannis Gourtsoyannis, BMA Junior Doctors Committee exec, Holborn and St Pancras Labour conference delegate
Dr Pete Campbell, BMA Northern Region JDC Secretary, BMA JDC exec, Newcastle East CLP
Dr Kailash Chand, Unite, Stalybridge and Hyde CLP
Danielle Tiplady, Founder of Bursary or Bust and staff nurse
Harry Leslie Smith, author and campaigner
Jill Mountford, Momentum national steering committee, Save Lewisham Hospital campaign
Tony Woodhouuse, Chair of Unite the Union’s executive council, Southport
Joanne Land, Momentum National Committee NE and Cumbria rep, 999 Call for the NHS
Anita Downs, nurse and Lewisham Unite Health secretary
Dr Aislinn Macklin-Doherty, NHS Solidarity, Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Dr Alex Scott-Samuel, public health physician, formerly Director, Liverpool Public Health Observatory
Dr David Wrigley, BMA Deputy Chair, Doctors in Unite and GP in Carnforth, Lancashire
Helen Clark, former Labour MP for Peterborough
Dr Dale Kirkwood, Dr, BMA Junior Doctors committee, Manchester Central CLP
Dr Eoin Clarke, Founder of Labour Left
Kathrine Dunbar, Lewisham Deptford CLP, Save Lewisham Hospital campaign
Joan Twelves, Vauxhall CLP, former Leader, Lambeth Council
Councillor Maurice Neville, Secretary of Belper Branch of Keep Our NHS Public Vice Chair – Belper Labour Party
Val Graham, Chesterfield CLP, Secretary of North Derbyshire Keep our NHS Public
Suzy Franklin, HCA, Unison, Secretary Plymouth KONP, Plymouth CLP
Adam Bell, Ward Clerk, Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport CLP
Alan Bowring, Bournemouth East CLP
Alan Frost, SW Devon CLP
Alan Mason, Redditch CLP
Alison Gove-Humphries, Deputy Chair Hall Green CLP
Alison Lentaigne, Unison, Sheffield Central CLP
Alison Wood, Calderdale NHS 38degrees, Calderdale CLP
Alyson Ross, artist/disabled, Ceredigion
Amanda Butler, Midwife, Rossendale and Darwen
Andrea Knight, ESA, Wellingborough
Andrea McArdle, Community Nurse, East Ham CLP
Andrea Smith, Montgomeryshire CLP
Andrew Duncan , Data officer, Momentum Exeter, Unite
Andrew L Thompson, Senior Telecommunications Support Engineer, Battersea CLP
Andrew Thompson, GP, Substance Misuse Specialist, Unite the Union, Branch Chair and Chair of Regional Industrial Sector Committee (Third Sector), West Bromwich East
Andy Coombes, Stroud LP
Andy Hunt, Ceredigion
Angeline Hargreaves, Registered Childminder , UNITE , Andover and North Hampshire
Anke Plummer, Occupational Therapist, Milton Keynes
Anne Thompson, Havant Momentum , Stakes, Purbrook, Leigh Park, Bedhampton Branch Labour Party Acting secretary
Annie Hill, Nurse, Unite, Frome
Annuncia Skeldon, Team Manager, Birkenhead
Anthony Eric Brook, cycle shop warehouseman
Anthony Gothard, Skipton and Ripon
Anthony J Rigby , Hyndburn
Anthony Johnson, Student Nurse, Unison – Health, KCLSU, BursaryOrBust, Lewisham East CLP
Anthony Rimmer, Member of Labour Party and Momentum, Former Political Officer NCU/CWU (Merseyside), Bootle
Antony Parker Knowle Bristol CLP
Anya-Nicola Darr, East Devon
Ashleigh Jones, Nurse, Unison, Bursary or Bust, Northwest
Barry Slapp, Eltham CLP
Becky Gilbert
Belinda Wright, Ward Sister, Unison, Hadley/Leegomery/Telford
Bernadette Ellis, Bermondsey
Bianca Errico, Holborn
Bill Cort, New Brighton
Bill Nicholson, Haywards Heath
Bob Tyson, Houghton and Sunderland South
Capt. David Cooper, Ashfield
Carl Goodwin, Tynemouth
Carol Brady, staff nurse, Unison, Barrow in Furness
Carol Mills, Eastbourne
Carol Milner, Coventry North West
Carol Wade, Bassetlaw
Carole Hope, Tewkesbury Gloucestershire
Carole Oosthuysen, retired teacher/parent/grandparent, Stroud
Caroline Usher, Linen Services Assistant (NHS), East Yorkshire
Carolyn Bailey, North Cornwall
Cath Manley, Teacher, Unite, North west Durham
Cath Peach, Nurse, Momentum, North west
Catherine Marsden, Gorton
Catherine Spink-White
Cathy Augustine, Internal Communications Manager, Member of Unite Community, Didcot & Wantage
Ceinwyn Thomas, Luddendenfoot, Halifax, West Yorks
Charles Regan, Birmingham, Northfield
Charlotte Ingham, Clinical Psychologist, Fylde
Charlotte Scott GP, West Devon
Christina Sosseh, community nurse, Royal College Nursing, Milton Keynes North
Christine Houghton, nursing assistant, Knowsley
Cindy Mason-Morris, Telford & Wrekin
Claire Carpenter, Registered general nurse, RCN, Bristol member
Claire Newman, Student nurse / healthcare assistant, RCN, Basildon and Billericay
Clare Edwards, Woking
Claudette, Student nurse & Bank HCA, RCA, Lewisham East
Colin Finch, Unite, Bracknell
Colin Ives, Wigan
D Rimmer, Leeds Central CLP
Dale Meakin, Sherwood CLP
Damon Parsons Doctor, BMA, Brent
Daniel Metcalfe, Mechanical design engineer
Daniel Roberts, Chester
Darrell Pointing, 999 for the NHS, Newark
Darren Fisher, Staff Nurse, Unison, Tewkesbury Constituency Labour Party
David Adrian Jenkins, Bridgend
David Carr, Unite, Sevenoaks CLP
David Roberts, Stockport
Den Payne, retired, Sandwell
Denise Bellamy, ex-nurse, Cynon Valley
Diana Radley, Print Support Engineer, Momentum, Unite, West Worcestershire
Diane Davis, Totnes CLP
Diane Hughes, Medway
Dittany Morgan , Cotswolds
Donna Lavercombe, NHS switchboard operator, North Devon CLP
Doug Palmer, Driver/OA Devon Doctors, Unison, Torbay
Douglas Macari, Canterbury
Dr Emma Russell, Clinical Psychologist, Unite, Hove
Dr Fionna Martin, Lambeth and Southwark BMA Trade Union Liaison Officer, Lambeth CLP
Dr Helen Miller, Clinical Psychologist, Rugby
Dr James Crane, Lambeth and Southwark BMA Honorary Secretary, Lambeth CLP
Dr Richard Colley, Clinical psychologist , Unite, Fylde
Dr Sue Davies, Psychotherapist, Lewes CLP
Dr Aaron Bundock, Scientist, Redruth & Cambourne
Dr Srinivasanallur Subbuswamy, NHS Consultant (Retired), Stroud CLP
Dugald Ferguson, Norwich South
Councillor Duncan Wood, Exeter
Dyanne Paris, mental health nurse, Unison, Mid Sussex
Dylan Strain, Canterbury
Elaine Donnellon, consultant, Unite Member, West Hampstead and Kilburn
Elaine Rigby, Bury South CLP
Elaine Rigby, Bury South
Elaine Tiffin, Retired RM & RGN, Formerly RCM, now Unite, Brighton Kemptown
Eleanore Bliss, Adult nurse, North Bristol
Elizabeth Baxter-Heyes Nurse, Unison & TCN, Cheadle, Stockport
Elizabeth Humphreys, Brighton and Hove
Elizabeth Johnsen, Staff Nurse, Unison, Swansea CLP
Elizabeth Peretz, Retired health manager, Unison, Oxford West & Abingdon
Elizabeth Racki, Retired teacher NUT, Hackney Leabridge
Eric Rossiter, Labour Party Member, Torbay
Dr Flora Kovacs
Dr Fred Sherwood, Big up the NHS, Quinton
GD Houlden, retired, Birmingham Ladywood
Gaby Parker, Clinical Psychologist, Barnet
Gareth Roach, TU Convenor, Unison, Assistant Branch, Secretary Merthyr and Rhymney
Gaynor Holmes
Gaynor Jones, Retired staff nurse, ex-RCN, North Shropshire
Gemma Elizabeth Davis, Lewisham
Geoffrey Shaw-Rutter, Torridge and West Devon
Georhiamna O’Reilly, Nurse, Unison, Salford
Gerard McLoughlin, Retired, Knowsley
Gillian Merther, Staff nurse, Caithness
Gina Hartshorn, RMN, Unison, Bradford East CLP
Gina Loxam, Morecambe & Lunesdale
Glenn Martin, Walsall South
Gordon Dockett, NE Cambs
Gordon Scrim, Operating Department Practitioner, Unite, Dundee City West CLP
Halima Bibo, Momentum/ Unite Commumity, Rochdale
Hannah Minns, Milton Keynes North
Hazel Salisbury, Bosworth
Heidi Green, Midwife, Buckinghamshire
Helen Annand, Deal & Dover CLP
Helen Mandley Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Helen McGauley, trainee clinical psychologist, Unison, Halton
Hollie O’Neill
Iain Mooney, Registered Nurse, Unison Young Members Officer Cumbria and Lancashire Health Branch, Barrow and Furness CLP
Isabel McNab, Corby CLP
Jacqueline Galloway, NHS House-keeper, Bolton West CLP
Jacqueline Hibbert, Penzance, Cornwall
Jake Turner, driver (nights), Unite, Northampton South
Jan Coombs, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Jan Garbutt, Retired nurse, Gloucester
Jan Kennon
Jane Begley, Child Psychotherapist, Unite, Exeter
Jane Warren, Central Suffolk and North Ipswich CLP
Janet Cobb, Learning Disability Nurse, Ludlow
Janet Shapiro, Hornsey & Wood Green, Member of UCU and NPC
Janet Shaw-Rutter, Torridge and West Devon
Janet Whitfield, Administrator, Birkenhead
Janice Finn, Retired Registered Nurse, Wythenshawe and Sale East
Jax Agnesson, Taunton Deane
Jean Huntley, North West Durham
Jeanette Marshall, Colchester
Jemma Comley, HCA, Teignbridge CLP
Jennifer Barker, teacher, Sheffield
Jenny Lampard, mother, self employed, teacher and support worker, Montgomeryshire
Jenny Lancaster, Occupational, Therapist, Unison, Hastings
Jo McLoughlin, administrator, GMB, East Midlands
Jo Ritson, Welfare rights advisor, Unite, 999 Call for the NHS, Penistone & Stocksbridge
Joan Harris, Chester
Joanna Hughes, social worker, Cheltenham
Joanna Owens, Unison, Salford
John Murtoug, Bath
John Pencott, Fitter, lead rep, RMT, Lead Health and Safety Representative, Doncaster North
John Pierson, Courier
John Radford, Sutton Coldfield
John Thatcher, international Labour member
Johnny Gaunt, Radiographer, Society of Radiographers/TUC and Unison, Ceredigion
Jon Wearing, Walsall South
Jools Walker, Contract manager, Unison, Birkenhead
Josie Marshall, midwife, RCM, Rochdale
Judith Milburn, coach/facilitator , Hartlepool
Julia Cameron, Unite, Islington North
Julie Ingram, Barnsley Save Our NHS, Barnsley Central
Julie Beverly, Plymouth Sutton and Devonport
Julie Dean, Ward Clerk, Unison, Carlisle
Julie McLennan, neonatal nurse, Unison, Knowsley
Karen Robins, Romford
Karyn Irwin, Bedford Borough
Kate Ward, Huddersfield
Kate Wharton, Registered Mental Health Nurse, Unison, Rochester and Strood
Kathryn Beetham, Pychotherapist, Sedgefield
Kathryn Sawkins, RCN, Withington
Kathy Hag, retired Theatre Nurse, RCN, Sunderland Central
Keith Price, Team Leader, Oldham
Keith Winter, Beverley & Holderness
Ken Sheppard, Milton Keynes North
Kenneth Best, Hammersmith & Fulham
Kerrie Levett, nurse, Unison
Kirsty Shepherd, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Unite, Southwark
Lana Pillay
Laura Robertson, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Lewisham
Laura Wood, Staff Nurse, Doncaster
Lea Bentley, Unite, Bradford South
Lesley Bees, Bath
Leslie Bridges, Exeter
Lila Guha, Leytonstone and Wanstead
Linda Chance, Stroud
Linda Foord, Maldon
Linda Goulden, front of house manager, Liverpool
Linda Lomax, Retired Nurse, Louth and Horncastle
Linda Peterson, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, West Somerset
Lisa Bell, Forest of Dean CLP
Lisa Fricker, Unite Community, Southampton Test
Lisa Rossetti, Unite, Chester
Liz Sherratt, Staffordshire Moorlands CLP
Lorraine Ford, London Borough of Barnet
Lorraine Gibson, Burnley
Lorraine Kelly, Newton Abbot
Louisa Pollard, midwife, Bradford South
Lucy Toynbee, Mental Health Nurse, Unison, North Shropshire
Lyn Boyd, Project Worker, North Durham
Lyn Szczepura, Retired nurse, Totnes
Lynn Busfield, Chaplain, UNITE, Yardley
lynn Evans, Wirral west
Lynne Blair, Thirsk & Malton
Lynne Smith, occupational therapist, Unison, South wirral
Mandy Wildman, Psychotherapist, Heysham Central Lancs
Marcus Podilchuk, Totnes
Margaret Black
Margaret Gothard, Skipton and Ripon
Margaret West, Truro and Falmouth
Maria Carroll, Retired Nurse, RCN, East Carmarthen
Marie Hopley, Staff Nurse, Unison, Hazel Grove
Marie Meaden, Cardiff West
Mark Conway, Hastings CLP
Mark Evans, Health Care Assistant / Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
Mark Holder, biomedical research
Dr Martin Blanchard, Retired Consultant Psychiatrist and Senior Lecturer UCL London
Martin Morris, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, UNISON, Newcastle-under-Lyme CLP
Maureen Dickens, Rochford and Southend East
Michael Deeley, North Newcastle
Michael Paling, Unite member, Redcar CLP
Michelle Lynn, Cowal
Mike Razzell, Truro/Falmouth
Natasha Pope, community care nurse, South Dorset
Neil Ellis, Ogmore CLP
Nichole Brennan, support worker, Hove
Nick Blakeman, Warwick and Leamington Spa
Nicky Hartigan, Principal Clinical Psychologist, Unison, Brentford and Isleworth
Nicola Goodchild, Support Worker for Adults with Learning Disabilities, Finchley & Golder Green
Nicola Simmonds, Counsellor, Labour member, Bristol
Nicola Windsor, Senior Staff Nurse, Unison, Walthamstow
Nigel Bowden, Support Consultant, Unite, Burnley
Nora Everitt, Barnsley Central
Norman Walsh, Nurse, Unison
Pat Aldridge, Royston
Patrice Brown
Patricia Richens, North Cornwall
Patricia Senior, Elmet & Rothwell
Paul Cronk, Rushcliffe
Paul Tully, Eastbourne
Pauline Bouakaz, Chesterfield
Pauline Buchanan, Rochester
Pauline crook, Nurse, Unison, Blackley and Salford
Philip Lewis, Branch Health and Safety officer, Camden Unison, Labour link officer, Hornsey and Woodgreen CLP
Philippa Davies, kitchen worker, North Shropshire
Prue Plumridge, Maldon CLP secretary
Rachael Geraghty, discharge coordinator, Nurse, RCN, East Worthing
Rachel Charlesworth, Teaching assistant, Unison , Central Manchester
Ravyn Straughan, Sedgefield
Raymond Shemilt, North Cornwall
Rebecca Waters, Staff Nurse, Unison
Richard Tugwell, USDAW, Westbury CLP
Rita Appleby
Robert Day-Smith, Clinical support worker, Unison, Wolverhampton South West
Robert Prince, Wellingborough
Romy Sherlock, clinical psychologist, Unite, Shipley
Ros Larner, Maldon
Rosemary Perry, Maldon
Rosemary Rainbow, Unison
Rosie Sedgwick Secretary, Chester
Rosy Curtis, Retired NHS Registered Nurse, Unison, Charnwood CLP
Sally Stone, UCU, Bristol South
Sandra Williams, South West Devon
Sara Thomas, Learning Support Assistant, Cheltenham CLP
Sarah Devlin, St. Ives
Sarah Evans, Contracts Admin, North East Bedfordshire
Sarah Westwood, Basingstoke
Seth Horsu, BMA, Chester CLP
Sheila Sheppard , nutritional therapist, Milton Keynes North
Shirley Anne Helliwell, Evacuee Responder
Simon Jones, North East Derbyshire
Simon Morris, Retired nurse, Unite Community, Newton Abbot
Stella Thomas, Retired nurse, Unison, Calderdale
Stephanie Clarke, Registration Authority manager, Calderdale 38 degrees NHS Campaign, Unison, Halifax
Stephanie Menzies, Unison, Birkenhead
Stephen Joseph McArdle, Tynemouth
Stephen Wood, Skerton
Steve Ascott, Ceredigion
Steve Mackie, driver, Save the NHS, Salisbury
Steve Walker, Garston & Halewood
Stuart Charlesworth, Electrician, UNISON/ Manchester City Council, Broughton and Blackley
Sue Brock, Eastleigh
Sue Dockett, NE Cambs
Sue Shaw, Unite, Henley
Suresh Chauhan, Leicester South CLP
Susan Dellet, volunteer, Evelina Children’s Hospital, Southwark
Susan Hyett, nursing sister, Momemtum, RCN, Co-Op, Labour, Dorchester
Susan Lesley Eades, Warwick & Leamington
Susan Phillips, Easington
Sylvia Veale, Unite Community Portsmouth and District, Portsmouth South
Tariq Persaud Parkes, BLP secretary, Hastings and Rye CLP, Unite the union, Momentum Hastings
Tayieba, Unite Community, North London
Thomas Buchi, Ceredigion
Thomas Charles, Staff Nurse, Royal College of Nursing, Erdington
Tim Geering, Southampton Keep Our NHS Public, Southampton Test
Tim Thomson, Camborne and Redruth
Tracey Collins, Breast MDT co-ordinator, Unison, Dudley South
Tracey Osben, Midwife, Clacton
Tricia McLaughlin, Gillingham and Rainham
Ursula Cardin, Unison member, Momentum NHS supporter, Wallasey
Victoria Evans, Nursing assistant/student nurse, Unison, Ceredigion
Victoria Holmes, Thurrock
Virginia Turner
Vivienne Kitcatt, Colne Valley
Winifred Murphy, Save the NHS, Weaver Vale CLP
Adrian Rupp, Mid Beds
Alan Jones, Workington
Alberto Zerda-Noriega, Westminster North
Alison Brown, Paramedic, Unison South Area Secretary Yorkshire Ambulance branch, Sheffield Heely
Alison Clarke, Genetic Counsellor, RCN, Liverpool West Derby
Alistair Didinal, Croydon North
Alix Vince, Ophthalmic Technician, Unison, Central Suffolk & North Ipswich
Allan Challenger, Manager in Mental Health, Unison, Gorton
Ama Menec, Totnes
Amanda Dawson, Mental health nurse, Unite health, Scunthorpe
Amanda Hewitt, Community Nursery Nurse, Unite, Newton Abbott
Amanda Linthwaite, Student Nurse , Colchester
Amy Kenyon, Finchley and Golders Green
Andy Turner, carer, Bolsover
Angela Hankin, sister, Unison, City of Durham
Angela Jones, Generic Technical Instructor, Leeds
Angela Perrett, NHS Manager, Filton & Bradley Stoke
Ann and Neil Beddow, Ludlow
Ann-Marie Westran, Sheffield
Anne O’Neill, Retired social worker, Manchester Withington
Anne Stuart, Social worker, Hertsmere
Ashley Lee, Registered Nurse, Croydon North
Assem Khouzam, Hospital Doctor, BMA, St Austell and Newquay
Athene Crouch, Brighton
Barbara Campbell, Specialist Screening Practitioner, Unite the Union, Stockton North
Becky Protopsaltis, Risk Co-ordinator, Unison, Poole
Belinda Meredith, South Thanet
Ben Kelly, drugs and alcohol worker, Member of Unison, Rossendale
Benjamin Michna, care assistant, Gedling
Benjamin Renton, Biomedical Support Worker, Unite, Leeds North
Bernadette Williams-Shaw, Social worker
Birdy Flatt, senior maternity worker, Southampton
Bonnie Craven, CLP Secretary Sutton and Cheam, St Helier Hospital campaign
Brian Gillies, Northampton
Brian Kielty, Advanced Practitioner, Bootle
Carol Brady, RGN, Unison, Barrow in Furness
Carol Canty, Kenilworth
Carol Chalmers, retired health visitor, Brighton Pavilion
Carol Jynch, Wallasey
Carol Rowley, Commissioner, Unison, Redditch
Carole beckett, nurse, practitioner primary care, RCN, Rotherham
Caroline Barker, SRN, former nurse, Kilburn & Hampstead
Caroline Channing, Former NHS data analyst, Formerly UNISON, Withington
Caroline Usher, NHS Linen Services Assistant, Unite Member, East Yorkshire
Carrie-Anne Stone, Preseli, Pembrokeshire
Catalina Saunders, Community Staff Nurse, Unison, Yate and Thornbury
Catalina Saunders, Community Staff Nurse, Unison, Thornbury and Yate
Catherine Davidson, retired staff nurse, Rutherglen
Catherine Love-Madden volunteer, Unite, Rochester and Strood
Celia Kelly, founder member of Defend Our NHS Merseyside, Liverpool West Derby
Charles Regan, Senior Manager, Unite, Northfield
Charlie Mullen, Sheffield Central
Charlotte Scott, GP, West Devon
Cheryl Edwards, Foster Carer, Aberafan, Port Talbot
Cheryl Howitt, retired auxiliary nurse
Chris Gray, information governance lead, Unison, Assistant branch secretary, South Dorset
Chris McCabe, Care Network volunteer, Unite, South Cambs
Chris McKenzie, Mental Health clinical practitioner, Unison, Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Chris Vicary, retired physio, York Central
Christine O’Leary, NHS patient, Hemsworth
Christo Clifford, volunteer, Cities of London & Westminster
Cindy Curtis, Social care manager, Chichester and Bognor Regis
Cindy Paulett, Nurse, RCN, Caerphilly
Clair Willsohn, previously support worker for end of life care, Taunton
Claire Bampton Art Therapist, Unison, Aldershot
Clare Harding, Hove
Colin Anderson, Luton
Colin Blundell, Training Consultant, South Holland
Colin Sage, Huyton/Knowsley
Corrie Lowry, Wirral South
Courtney Ives, biomedical scientist, Unite, Swanley
Dai Wright, Jeremy Corbyn 50+ Supporters Group, Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire
Dan Hurlbut, Nurse, Unison, North Cornwall
Daniel Fraser, Clinical Coder, Unite, Lewisham Deptford
Daniel Weegmann, Senior Charge Nurse, Unison, Wandsworth
Danny Garrett, senior staff nurse, Unison, South Islington and Finsbury
Darryl W Collins, Unite, Health Champion, FABS
Dave Statham, GMB Holborn Branch, Hampstead & Kilburn
David Bowen, Resuscitation Officer, Unison, East Worthing and Shoreham
David Brown, Ashford
David Prichard-Jones, Unite, Vauxhall
David Shutt, Liskeard
David Smith, Poole
Dawn Matthews, NHS Researcher, Cynon Valley
Dawn Warcup, Hexham
Deborah Knight, carers’ centre employee, Unite, Finchley and Golders Green
Debra Lavelle, primary care counsellor, Rayleigh and Wickford
Delia McNally, Jarrow
Denise Davies, North Cornwall
Derek McNaughton, Barrow in Furness
Derek Wilder, Gwynedd
Diana Williams, Occupational Therapist, Unison, Romsey
Diane Standring, nurse teacher, RCN, Forest of Dean
Dianne Horsfield, Patient, Barnsley
Donna Moore, Staff nurse, Unison, Ashfield
Donna Summerson, community care provider, North West Durham
Dr Charlotte Paterson, retired GP, UCU, Bristol West
Dr Chris Day, Calder Valley
Dr Hilary Kinsler, Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist, BMA, North Hackney
Dr Joseph Tait, Doctor, West Harrow
Dr Kishan Rees, Doctor, WatMed Media, Lincoln
Dr Lucie Warren, midwifery lecturer/researcher, Swansea
Dr Peter Baker, Public Health Registrar, BMA, Holborn & St Pancras
Dr Robert Sykes, Merseyside
Dr Tim Worthley, GP, BMA, East Worthing and Shoreham
Dr Yoke-Lian Lee, Labour Party Conference delegate, Independent researcher and campaigner, Stone
Dragan Plavsic, Oxford
Eddie Hookway, Corby
Edna Palmer, Southport
Elaine Beck, Datix and Risk Manager, Chester
Elaine Donnelly, Retired senior lecturer in Mental Health, Worcester
Elaine Leng, Perth
Elizabeth Knight , retired health visitor, North Dorset
Emma Barnes, Podiatrist, Bristol East
Emma Cleverdin, Cardiff North
Eric Barnes, Unite, Scarborough & Whitby
Ferhat Cinar, Health Improvement Officer (Public Health), Hackney North
Frances McGowan, carer, Unite, Huddersfield
Frances Roberts, Edgbaston
Gary Bradshaw, Mental Health Nurse, UNISON, Lancaster and Fleetwood
Geoffrey Shaw-Rutter, Retired Teacher, Torridge and West Devon
Giles Robins, Great Yarmouth
Gill Lockhart, Practice Counsellor, Wellingborough
Gill McCall, Radiographer (retired), Unite, Wimbledon
Gina Hartshorn, RMN, Unison, Bradford East
Gina Platts, Staff Nurse, RCN
Giulio Gotti, Health Care Assistant, Unison, Southampton Test
Glyn Sanders, Nursing sister, RCN
Graeme Kennedy, Brentford & Isleworth
Gurdyal Simm, Hove
Hazel Salisbury, Bosworth
Heather Glenn, 38 Degrees NHS campaign, Blaydon
Heather Staines, Greenwich
Helen Erasmus, Lead Midwife, Unison, Caerphilly
Helen Filby-Scoffin, former NHS employee, Unite, Calderdale
Helen Vanes, Hinckley and Bosworth
Hilary Hobson, Retired from NHS, South Bristol
Hilary Price, Retired nurse, NHS Campaigner, Keep our NHS Public, Unison, Cambridge
Holly butcher, Nurse, North West Norfolk
Iain Wilson, Alcohol Specialist Nurse, Unison, Deptford
Ian Jackson, Islwyn
Ivy Sadler, Retired, Easington
Jack Czauderna, GP (retired), MPU, Sheffield Central
Jackie Eckton, Aberavon
Jackie Granados , Walthamstow and Leyton
Jacqueline Cairns, Preston
Jacqueline Jones, Administrator, Workington
Jae Robinson, Yardley
Jamie Hawkins, Nurse, RCN, Isle of Man
Jan Salkeld, Newcastle
Jane Howell, Retired, Hands off Hinchingbrooke, Ely, Cambridgeshikre
Jane Lunt, Health care worker
Jane Mallett, Stretford and Urmston
Jane Owens, mental health social worker, Unison Bath
Jane Parfitt, Community Liaison Nurse, Unison, Pavilion
Janet Clark, Chesterfield
Janet Cobill, Manager, Ipswich and Mid Suffolk
Janet hamnett, Ward Clerk, Unison, Ashton under Lyne
Janet Hastilow, Stafford
Janet Shaw-Rutter, Torridge and West Devon
Janice George, Medical Secretary, Unison, Scunthorpe
Janine Booth, TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee
Jann Oliver, Clinical Service Lead/ Psychotherapist/Nurse, Unison, Bromley and Chislehurst
Jason James-Eyers, Physiotherapist, CSP, Union steward, Vale of Glamorgan
Jim Sheridan, Kirklees, Calderdale
Jimmy Gibbons NHS Worker, Unison, Newcastle upon Tyne North
Jo Esson, Manager, Bristol West
Jo Kershaw, Hereford and South Herefordshire
Joan Collins, Registered Nurse, Unison, Hertsmere
Joan Fenton, retired midwife, Scarborough
Joan Fournier, Family Planning Nurse (retired), Harlow
Joan Smith, Worthing West
Joanna Budd, Unison, Hove
Joanna Turton, Redhill and Reigate
Joanne Llewellyn, Gower
John Canty, Kenilworth
John Joyce, Consultant Psychiatrist, BMA, Bromley
John Tallon, Hartlepool
John Tattum, Wigan
John Whitehurst, Retired mental health nurse, Vale of Clwyd
John Wright, Unite
John-Christian Cooke, Senior Nursing Assistant, Tower Hamlets
Jonathan Coote Porter, Unison, Lewisham
Josie Hales, South Dorset
Judith Hargreaves, Yorkshire
Julia Mountain, Unison, Enfield Southgate
Julia Thornhill, Workington Cumbria
Julian Hudson, Hampstead and Kilburn
Julian Newell, Corporate Matron, RCN, Hillsborough Sheffield
Julie Dean, Ward Clerk, Unison, Carlisle
Julie James, Broxtowe
Julie Jenkyns, West Hull and Hessle
Julie McGiven, NHS registered nurse, RCN, Derby south
Julie Sheppard, Unite, Selkirkshire
Julie Taylor, CBT Therapist, Unite, North West Leeds
Julie Vincent, Community Staff Nurse, Unite, New Forest West
Julie Willis, Medical student, Stockton South
Kaleem Anwar, manager – well being prevention and early help team, Unite, Stretford and urmston
Karen, Social care adviser, Unison, Eltham
Karen Buckley, NHS CBT Therapist, Unison, Trafford
Karen Schofield, Social worker, Unison, East Surrey
Karen Surridge, community mental health nurse, West Worcestershire
Kas Witana, healthcare worker, Sheffield
Kate Aldridge, GP, Unite, Haringey
Kathleen Johnson, East Worthing and Shoreham
Kathryn Ballard, Unite, Blackpool South
Keith Finn, Physiotherapist, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Steward, Bridgend, Wales
Keith Venables, Keep Our NHS Public Co-Chair, Amber Valley
Kellyanne Party, GMB, Fulwood /Sheffield Hallam
Kelvyn Guest, Tyneside
Keri Stephenson, Clinical Psychologist, Unite, Calderdale
Kristina Harrison, Paramedic, Unison
Lance Jackson, Dudley North
Laura Collins, Health and Social Care Assessor, GMB, Selby
Lee Finnigan, South Shields
Lee Lister, Batley and Spen
Leona Chambers, New Forest
Leonard Harvey, Unison, Selby and Ainsty
Les Campbell, Chelmsford
Les Jevins, Senior Support Coordinator, Gloucester
Linda Benjamin, Chipping Barnet
Linda Irwin Tinsley, Nursing auxiliary, Unison, Stockport
Linda Knox, Retired social worker, Skipton
Linda Scott, Activities Coordinator (Nursing Home), Unison, Garston and Halewood
Lindsay Probert, Merthyr Tydfil
Lisa Linpower, Doctor, BMA, Hackney
Lizzie Christian, ex-Healthcare Assistant on ward , Winchester
Lorraine Webster, Milton Keynes South
Louise Swarbrick, Community mental health nurse, Preston
Lucia Backett, Retired Health Visitor, Unison, KONP, Manchester Withington
Lucrecia Augustin, Emergency Medical Dispatcher, Hackney
Lyn James, Retired CPN, Unison, Carmarthen east
Lynda Hitchman, Student Nurse, Unison, Wealden
Lynn Wilde, Wallasey
Lynne Ruddick, Nurse, RCN, Beckenham
Lynsey Rotherham, Student nurse, Sefton
Maddie Redd, Personal Assistant, Swansea East
Malak Niakan, Psychotherapist, Barnet
Malcolm Law, Defend Our NHS York Treasurer
Mandy Stewart, Nurse, Macclesfield
Marc Simonson
Marc Tipping, Wirral
Marcia Parkinson, Staff nurse, RCN, Birmingham Edgbaston
Margaret Baker, Kingston upon Thames
Margaret Spector, Chelsea and Fulham
Maria Vargas, Pharmacist, Unite
Marie Mackenzie, Retired staff nurse, Ex RCN
Marion MacAlpine, Hackney Keep Our NHS Public, Unite, Hackney
Mark Austin, Nurse, Ogmore
Mark Birbeck, Trainee Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, Lewes
Mark Dale, South Basildon & East Thurrock
Mark Evans, Health Care Assistant, Unison, Workplace rep, Selly Oak, Birmingham
Mark Randall, RNMH Practice Educator, Unison, Unite in Health, Keep our NHS Public, Socialist Health Association, Workplace Steward, Union Learning Representative (Unison), Norwich North
Mark Russell, Full-time carer & Volunteer mental Health Support Worker, Leeds North East
Mark Serlin, Haringey & Tottenham
Martin Hopkinson, Nurse, RCN, Barnsley East
Martina Nolan, CPN, Camborne Cornwall
Mary Lester, Nurse, North Bedfordshire
Mary Stuart, IWW
Matt Crawley, East Hertfordshire
Matthew Aldridge, RMN, RCN, Croydon
Maureen O’Leary, Consultant Psychiatrist (retired), DiU, DFNHS, Sheffield Central
Max Drake, Medical Herbalist, Bristol East
Melanie Francis, Occupational therapist, Blaby
Melanie White, Scarborough & Whitby
Melissa Fazackerley, Dementia Support Worker Alzheimers Society, South Northants
Melissa Gough, Medical Student, Tynemouth
Michael Galvin, retired consultant haematologist, Hemsworth
Michael Pettifer, Staff Nurse, Unison, Steward, Swansea West
Michael Watts, retired, Unison, Calderdale
Michelle Mylonas, Community Complementary Healthcare Practitioner, Hornsey and Wood Green
Mike Campbell, Retired Training Manager, Social Services, Protect Our NHS (Bristol) Co-coordinator
Mike Kennard, Unite, Chatham & Aylesford
Miranda Saunders, Staff Nurse, Unison
Miriam Mitchell , Team Leader, Unison, Eastbourne
Misbah, Psychologist, Unison, Vale of Glamorgan
Mohammad Khan, Unite
Moira Caffell, Clinical Nurse Specialist Haematology (Retired), Eltham
Moira Warren, Renfrewshire South
Mona Kamal Ahmed, Forensic Psychiatrist, BMA, Kensington
Monica Radman, Finchley and Golders Green
Mostafa Farook, Practice Manager, the Barkantine Practice, Dagenham and Rainham
Naomi Farr, retired clinical nurse teacher, Wells Somerset
Nathan Smith, Music Therapist, Northamptonshire
Neil Bailey, Registered nurse, GMB, Tamar valley
Neil Griffin, Durham
Nicholas Turner
Nicola Goodchild, Support worker, Finchley & Golders Green
Nicole Gough, Occupational Health Nurse, RCN
Niki Fitzgerald, Junior Doctor, BMA, Barts Health LNC Rep, Islington North
Nima Masterson, mental health care worker, Bristol West
Nod Wallman, Berkhamsted and Tring
Noreen Brosnan, Mental health social worker, Unison, Redruth
Oliver Swingler, Retired Mental health anti-psychiatry anti-ECT campaigner, DPAC, Unite, Newcastle East
Pam Wortley, Retired GP, Unite, Sunderland Central
Pat Ellerby, retired nurse & midwife, Isle of Wight
Pat Harding-Williams, Hounslow
Pat Paraskeva, Tottenham
Patricia Trust, Sale East and Sharston
Patricia Wilkinson, Social Care Support Worker, Unison, Doncaster South
Paul Loring, Pudsey
Paul Smith, Blaydon
Paul Summerson, North Durham
Paula England, Public Sector School Administrator, Telford & Wrekin
Paula Stammers, Nurse, Unison, North Islington
Pauline crook, Nurse, Unison, Steward, Blackley
Pauline Rigby, West Derby, Liverpool
Pauline Watson, Brigg
Penny Louch, Nurse Practitioner Partner, RCN, Walthamstow
Penny Webb, Community Mental Health Nurse, RCN, Mid Bedfordshire
Peter Allan, Sittingbourne
Peter Howard, Senior Nurse Practitioner, Unison, South Norfolk
Peter King, Rochdale
Peter Wentland, Trainee Nursing Assistant, East Bristol
Phil Harrow , NHS Blood and Transplant Transport Driver , GMB, Wavertree
Philip White, Ogmore
Rachael, Audiologist, Unison, West Derby
Rachel Ambrose, Specialist Community Public Health Nurse, RCN, Buckingham
Rachel Herwin, Midwife, Unite
Rachel Mandela, Clinical psychologist, Unite, Leeds North West
Rachel Rappell, Western Isles
Rachel Wallace, Chipping Barnet
Richard Dillon, Macmillan Nurse, Unison, Keighley
Richard Hudlestone, Finance Manager, Unison, Loughborough
Robert Bradford, North Thanet
Robert MacGibbon, Retired GP, UNITE and RCGP, Leiston, Suffolk
Robert Moore, UCU, Delyn
Robin Walker, Birmingham
Roger Coates, Trainer
Rose Mary Egan
Rosemary Hedges, retired mental health worker, 38 degrees NHS Campaign Group Secretary, Calder Valley
S Davis, Burton
Samantha Lealman, Midwife at The Family Nurse Partnership, RCM, Larkswood and Valley Ward
Samantha Ransome, Mental Health Staff Nurse, Unison, Ogmore Vale
Sandra Ash, Keep Our St Helier Hospital NHS Campaign
Sara Simon, Art Psychotherapy, Macclesfield
Sara T, Occupational therapist, Unison, Bridgend
Sara-Lea Small, ex carer now retired, Stroud
Sarah Snell, Liskeard
SarahWilson, Wells
Sean Morgan, Caerphilly
Sharon Auldyth Morris, Forensic Staff Nurse, Arfon
Sharon Pollard, Staff Nurse, RCN, Macclesfield
Sharon Rogers, Nurse wound, Closure specialist, RCN, Corby
Sharon Solway, Nurse, Unison, Truro
Sharza Dethick, UNITE Equalities Rep, Stockport
Sheryl Odlum, Volunteer facilitator, North East Leeds
Shirley Mealing, Ward Matron, Stockton North
Siobhan Connor, NHS therapist, Unison, Stockport
Sonja Brettbacher, North Edinburgh
Spomenka Chekerevatz, therapist, Gwynedd
Stephanie Clarke, Registration Authority Manager, Unison, Halifax
Stephanie Menzies, RGN, Unison, Birkenhead
Stephen Carter, Senior Nurse Manager, RCN, Member, East Devon
Stephen Davey
Stephen Lawton
Stephen Shipley , patient, Yeovil
Steve Hamer, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Unison, Cynon Valley
Steve Jansky, North West Cambs
Steve Procopio Gauci, Admin, Unison (Rep), Cardiff South
Stewart Hyde, Unite, Clwyd South
Stuart Hazle, General Practitioner, Hartlepool
Stuart Jordan, Community Psychiatric Nurse, Unison, Truro and Falmouth
Su Thantrey, Derby
Sue Drummond, Derbyshire Dales
Sue Kilroe, Retired Public policy and Mental Health Professional, Protect Our NHS, GMB, Bristol West
Sue Paraszczuk, Retired A&E Staff Nurse , Bolton East
Suki Jones, Portsmouth
Susan Carter, campaigner, Calderdale
Susan Hyett, Senior Nursing Sister, RCN, Co-Op, Dorchester
Sylvia Irvine, Retired from NHS, Broadstone
Sylvia Pott, Nurse specialist, Unison, Newcastle upon Tyne North
Tanya Beaumont, Doctor, Withington
Terree Selby, Bethnal Green and Bow
Theresa Derbyshire, Counsellor, Unite, Stockport
Tilly Peterson, Counsellor/psychotherapist, West Somerset
Tim Gopsill, Dulwich and West Norwood
Tracey Elder, Occupational Therapist, UNISON, Buxton
Tracey Westlake
Tracey Whalley, Counsellor, Unite, Blackley & Broughton
Tracy, Registered nurse, Unison, Poole
Tracy Percy, Information & Data Manager, Unison, Garston & Halewood
Trevor Cotton, SW Norfolk
Val Collins
Valerie Knight, Defend the NHS/ NUT member, Pavilion Brighton
Valerie Mainstone, Welfare Rights Adviser, Sussex Defend the NHS, Unison Retired Member, Hove
Vicki Lackenby
Vivien Dawson, Unite, 38 Degrees, Skipton
Vivienne Benson, Brighton
Wayne Stanley, Technician, Save the NHS, Romsey and Southampton North
Wendy Furness, Staff Nurse, Macclesfield
Wendy Mcmillan, retired nurse, North Tyneside
William Lowther, Durham
Yuin Chung Lok, Hospital Doctor, BMA, Ealing
Zina Preston, Ulverston and Rural Furness

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One Response to Over 700 health workers and campaigners sign statement backing Corbyn – please join them

  1. Yvonne Davies says:

    The NHS should not be put into private hands, it is already suffering due to contracts going to private contractors. We have to stop this accelerating

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