Model motion for CLPs to send to Labour Party conference on saving the NHS!

This message from Yannis Gourtsoyannis and the model resolution it introduces are from, put together by a range of Labour-supporting NHS activists.


Labour Party conference takes place in Liverpool at the end of September. Constituency Labour Parties have now started submitting resolutions.

We are asking CLPs to submit the model resolution below on saving the NHS, put together by a wide range of Labour members active in campaigning for the health service.

This issue could scarcely be more urgent. As you know, the government’s vandalism against the NHS has continued unabated this summer.

The need to stop NHS privatisation has become central to the Labour leadership campaign.

If there’s one thing that unites grassroots members across the board, it’s support for a genuinely public NHS. Both Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith have said they want the NHS run as a public service, by workers in the public sector, not outsourced private companies.

Yet current, operative Labour policy meekly accepts a market of providers, with the NHS being a “preferred provider”. We need a new policy that adequately reflects the members’ will.

Now is our chance to do that– by getting the maximum number of CLPs to submit strong resolutions on saving the NHS.

As part of the drive to overthrow Corbyn, a strict curfew reigns over CLP meetings. Strict but not total:

Meetings can still take place 1) For leadership nominations; 2) For election campaigning business; and 3) For conference business, including to pass resolutions.

For an overview of how submitting conference resolutions works, see here. For some specific essential points, see below.

Please also take a minute or two to fill in our form to let us know you’re tabling and to help get organised around this. To fill it in, please click

And if you have any questions or want help submitting, please get in touch by emailing us or ringing 07903 843 072.

In solidarity,

Junior doctor, BMA Junior Doctors Committee member and Labour conference delegate (pc)

1. Each CLP can submit ONE policy “contemporary resolution” to send to Labour Party conference, as long as they have not already submitted a rule change this year.
2. Contemporary resolutions need to refer to events that have taken place since 5 August, but obviously they can deal with more general things as well.
3. The word limit is 250 words (10 for the title).
4. The deadline for submission is 15 September.
5. At the conference, delegates will prioritise certain areas for debate and voting. The more CLPs that submit the same or very similar resolutions, the more likely that area will be picked – and the more likely the motions will not be watered down by administrators when “composited” (put together) with other resolutions.



NHS: stop privatisation, save the health service

Conference notes

The rising tide of cuts and privatisation engulfing the NHS.

That, following junior doctors’ vote rejecting Jeremy Hunt’s unsafe, unfair contract, the BMA’s Junior Doctors’ executive voted (11 August) for escalating strikes from early September; subsequently, the ‘risk register’ on Hunt’s so-called “seven-day NHS” plan was leaked.

The sudden closure of Grantham’s A&E (10 August) due to staff shortages; similar situations nationwide.

St Helen’s CCG’s proposal (9 August) to suspend all non-urgent care for four months! Although the decision was reversed, the Royal College of Surgeons predicts such problems becoming “commonplace” without increased funding and ending resource-draining, market-driven bureaucratisation.

Conference commits Labour to

Wholeheartedly supporting junior doctors’ and health workers’ fight to defend themselves and the NHS.
Exposing and fighting rolling privatisation and cuts, including the “Sustainability and Transformation Plans”.
Rolling renationalisation of clinical, ancillary and back-office services; creating a universal, comprehensive, publicly-owned, -run and -accountable, and free (including prescriptions, dentistry, optical care) NHS.
Nationalising social care along the same lines: a free, public system.
Fully publicly funding both, including by reversing expensive and wasteful privatisation and marketisation; increasing taxes on the rich and corporations; borrowing to invest where necessary.
Ending PFI; liberating the NHS from debt.
Reversing attacks on migrants’ rights to healthcare.
Opposing any “trade deal” aiding privatisation of public services or assets.
Improving workers’ pay, rights, training and say; restoring bursaries; safe staffing levels.
Tackling causes of ill health by reversing “austerity”.
Legislation furthering these goals.
Campaigning with unions, health campaigns, the “NHS Bill” initiative.

(250 words)

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8 Responses to Model motion for CLPs to send to Labour Party conference on saving the NHS!

  1. The motion calls for a ‘comprehensive publicly owned, run and accountable NHS’: can you confirm thiscwould include GP & dental practices and pharmacies?

  2. isabel cupido says:

    I a passion about sa I g our NHD

  3. Cllr David Owen says:

    Why does the draft make no mention of the glaring failure of Labour MPs to add their names to the Commons papers in support of the Bill ? Should such a phrase be included ? There is plenty of waffle which could readily be précis-ed and so includes bit offer pointing. There again Corbyn’s previous shadow health secretary had no time for the Bill, did she ?

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  5. I am really glad to see the anti-TiSA/Trade deal section in this motion. Vitally important

  6. Judith Joy says:

    Please return the office of Health Secretary to full responsibility for the health of the nation as in the original NHS principles and the NHS Reinstatement Bill 2016.

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