New motion for Labour Parties: Labour must act now to save NHS from privatisation

We are promoting the following motion to put forward in branch and constituency Labour Parties.

If you have already passed similar policy, please feel free to use parts of it selectively. Also, if you think the motion is too long, we recommend submitting the text from “Believes” on, and using the “Notes” as background.

If you are submitting the motion, or have successfully passed it, let us know:

Labour must act now to save the NHS from privatisation, and campaign for a publicly owned, run and provided health service

We note that
• The NHS is being cut back, dismantled and privatised with increasing speed, providing fewer and fewer services and increasingly functioning as a logo for private contractors – with ever more cash channelled into marketplace administrative costs and private profit.
• The BMA, Unite and NHS campaigns support the NHS (Reinstatement) Bill as a first step in stopping this onslaught.
• That some Labour MPs, including the current health front bench, have failed to support the Bill, staying silent or arguing against “further top-down reorganisation”. The Tories talked it out in March with little opposition.
• The NHS is constantly being reorganised by the Tories’ demolition-drive – most recently through the disastrous, pro-privatisation “Five Year Forward View” plan, through fragmentation and privatisation-driving “health devolution”, and from June through the “Sustainability and Transformation Plans”, which involve enforcing huge cuts.

We believe that
• To the fatal, accelerating reorganisations currently being imposed on the NHS, Labour should counterpose a life-saving reorganisation, in alliance with health workers, to reinstate a genuine public health service. Essential to this is explicit and active support for the junior doctors’, student NHS bursary and other health workers’ struggles.

We call on the party nationally to
1. Urgently expose and fight to reverse the ongoing dismantling of the NHS through privatisation/outsourcing, marketisation, fragmentation, closures, and cuts to funding and provision – campaigning nationally, mobilising local parties and working with national and local campaigns.
2. Commit to renationalise the NHS and build a top-quality public health service for the 21st century – universal; comprehensive; publicly owned, run and provided; free and fully publicly funded through general taxation; with a democratic system of governance. That must include ending PFI and dealing with PFI debts and restoring migrants’ access to the NHS. We must also end the chaos and profiteering in social care by making it a public service, publicly owned, run and provided, free and funded through general taxation.
3. Work with the Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill to bring legislation for these goals to Parliament in the next year.
4. Launch a national petition to stop NHS privatisation, reinstate a public health service and support health workers’ rights and struggles; work with the BMA and TUC to organise a national NHS demonstration; encourage all MPs to support the junior doctors, visit picket lines, wear badges.

We resolve to
1. Create a working group to assist with local NHS campaigning; make links with health workers; circulate updates and materials from NHS campaigns.

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3 Responses to New motion for Labour Parties: Labour must act now to save NHS from privatisation

  1. Steve Smith (17stephensmith9 on twitter) says:

    So very delighted to see this. I’ve been suggesting the very same since before the election. I should think a large number of campaigners will be pleased too. The public NHS needs cross-party support and public support (aided by proportional rep), help from Wales and Scotland, unions and campaign groups such as KONP.

  2. Robert Reynolds says:

    The Labour Party as a democratic socialist party, believing all of us better together, and all best as agreed equal partners, works to establish wide understanding and agreement on equal partnership, the condition for real democracy. As such the Party works to secure individual liberty – of conscience and human rights secure against fear – for a dynamic economy with a dynamic public service sector, a national health service included, as necessary toward the WHO aim of our Total Health, physical, psychological and social, enabling our stewardship as owed to people and planet.

    We note that the creation in 1948 of our NHS in advance of real democracy has meant subjection from the start to forced betrayal and attack, from within and without, tending to undermine service effectiveness and democratic hopes. Now even the central aim – to deliver care according to clinical conscience in teamwork as in the end socially affordable – is made mockery of, with relentless anti-democratic assault on structure, finance and personnel.

    Recognising dire impact from successive waves and tides of irresponsible government action, and impact ongoing from our universal fear and induced defensive aggression, top-to-bottom corrupting of our NHS as of our wider society, the Party now commends address of the cause. Inequality and insecurity of income – except as fairly judged by democratic law, sanction as due against laziness and criminality – makes virtually inevitable our self-betrayal, individual and collective.

    We call on the Party nationally to offer proposals for the permanent general liberation of conscience, affording to all in the NHS and in wider society, at every level of function and authority, freedom not just to work to our best in tasks as set, but also to suggest and respond to suggestions on service improvements of all kinds, in all quarters. Such liberation cannot be effected other than with general understanding and enthusiastic agreement given due education, an objective requiring some months for domestic achievement, then more months for global uptake.

    In the meantime, pending the establishment of real democracy in one country, the offer of the Party should be of a moratorium on all change except as negotiated towards positive ends including the establishment of full employment with progressive movement of pay towards full equality, thereby encouraging the maximisation of training effort and productivity, beginning a vital exemplification of social justice, global encouragement for the overthrow of tyranny, in favour of real and not sham democracy.

    We resolve to remove ourselves from reckless incoherence and pusillanimous protest, NOT to go the way of more tragedy, of the Children’s Crusade, the American Constitutional subversion by Property, or the Arab Spring only inviting ‘restoration of order’, RATHER peacefully to educate ourselves and spread the word for truly democratic liberation, in agreed equal partnership.

  3. Mike Smith says:

    Good to see this. I’m a Labour member in Barnsley and specifically asked Dan Jarvis to attend the reading and support the Bill. He didn’t.

    For what it’s worth I’m also a Freedom Rider campaigning and taking passive resistance measures to restore free rail travel for the elderly – we’ve already restored the concession for the disabled after Councillors in Barnsley voted to remove it 2 years ago. We seek support to restore what they have in London, Manchester, Merseyside and West Midlands.

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