Jeremy Corbyn’s Constituency Labour Party calls for strong backing for NHS Bill and junior doctors

Islington North Constituency Labour Party – Jeremy Corbyn’s home CLP – has passed the following motion. Please share!

Jeremy and the Labour leadership should respond by public, clear and strong backing for the NHS Bill and the doctors’ strike this week.

For a model motion to put to your Labour Party ward / CLP, similar to this one, see here.



The junior doctors are fighting to defend their conditions of work, but also for patient safety and the future of the NHS. NHS workers’ struggles are a vital part of defending the health service from the Tories’ accelerating cuts, marketisation and privatisation.

We believe the junior doctors’ dispute – together with student nurses’ and other student health workers’ fight to save their bursaries, and the return of the NHS Bill to Parliament in March – gives us an opportunity to step up our role in the fight to save the NHS.

We resolves

• To support the junior doctors and student nurses, midwives, etc, make links locally and visit picket lines.
• To call on the party nationally to commit clearly to reversing privatisation and marketisation, and to rebuild a comprehensive, well-funded, publicly-owned, publicly-provided and publicly-accountable NHS meeting clinical need. Any integration of health and social care should be contingent on social care becoming a free, publicly-funded and provided service – introducing the best of the NHS into social care and not the worst of social care as it exists in to the NHS.
• To support the NHS Reinstatement Bill (Caroline Lucas) that Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have backed and call on the PLP to support it.
• To call on the party to launch a national campaign for junior doctors, to save the NHS (nurses’, midwives’ and other NHS workers’) bursaries, and for the NHS Reinstatement Bill. Organise mass meetings on the NHS around the country to build the NHS as a comprehensive public service.

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