MODEL MOTION for Labour Parties on saving the NHS, the junior doctors’ strike and the student nurses’ campaign

Please move this motion in your ward Labour Party or Constituency Labour Party.

If you’re putting it, or if you’ve passed it, please let us know!

To download this motion as a printable PDF, click here.


Model motion for Labour Parties etc

The junior doctors are fighting to defend their conditions of work, but also for patient safety and the future of the NHS. NHS workers’ struggles are a vital part of defending the health service from the Tories’ accelerating cuts, marketisation and privatisation.

We believe the junior doctors’ dispute – together with student nurses’ and other student health workers’ fight to save their bursaries, and the return of the NHS Bill to Parliament in March – gives us an opportunity to step up our role in the fight to save the NHS.

We resolve
• To support the junior doctors and student nurses, etc, make links locally and visit picket lines.
• To call on the party nationally to sharpen its stance and clearly commit to reversing privatisation and marketisation, and rebuilding a comprehensive, well-funded, publicly-owned, run and provided NHS meeting clinical need. Any integration of health and social care should be contingent on social care becoming a free, publicly-funded and provided service – introducing the best of the NHS into social care and not the worst of social care as it exists into the NHS.
• To support the NHS Bill and call on the PLP to support it.
• To call on the party to launch a national petition for the junior doctors, the Save the NHS Bursary fight and the NHS Bill; send Jeremy Corbyn to address mass meetings on the NHS around the country; and organise a national demonstration in support of these struggles, and to save and rebuild the NHS as a comprehensive public service.

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2 Responses to MODEL MOTION for Labour Parties on saving the NHS, the junior doctors’ strike and the student nurses’ campaign

  1. Paul Bunting BSc MSc says:

    Dear Labour Party, you must support the NHS Reinstatement Bill so as to stop wasting the taxpayer’s money on commissioning and the dividends of shareholders of private health companies, and you must support the Junior Doctors and Nurses in their campaign for a fair deal on pay and contracts. The Secretary of State deserves to be denounced as a psychopath for his failure to negotiate and his intention to impose the new contract on the Junior Doctors. Shout him down in Parliament. He is most incompetent Secretary of State I have ever seen, and no previous Secretary of State has got himself into such a stupid situation with the Junior Doctors. Hunt is also lying about weekend effect excess death rate because the research shows nothing of the kind. I was admitted on a Saturday, treated overnight and discharged on the Sunday after advice at 9am from both the Hospital Senior Registrar on duty and his boss the Surgeon in charge of his department both present on the Sunday morning. The idea that the NHS does not work at weekends is nonsense. We do not need electives at weekends: we just want to be treated for emergencies and things which cannot wait which the NHS already provides. The other gentlemen on my ward were older than I and in apparently serious conditions of life but not dying or being neglected. Judging by their severe conditions if they died within one month one would not be entirely surprised. One patient came up to me and told me he had been given a diagnosis of a brain tumour. We discussed the uncertainty of this diagnosis and the uncertainty of survival and length of survival typical of this diagnosis and in wished him well in coping with it. Well of course this gentleman is at risk of death but probably not within 30 days. So when the Secretary of State claims there is a weekend effect resulting in a higher death rate after discharge at weekends I have no idea at all what his is talking about. I think he is lying just get his wicked way with the Junior Doctors.

  2. Christine Robinson says:

    As a member of the Labour Party and a union members it is a dereliction of my duty to not support the junior doctors

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