Sign NHS workers’ and campaigners’ statement to back Jeremy Corbyn

You can sign this statement here or by emailing Dr Pete Campbell at


Back Jeremy Corbyn to save the NHS!

As nurses, doctors, health workers and NHS campaigners, we are supporting Jeremy Corbyn as the only candidate for Labour Party leader committed to rebuilding a comprehensive public health service, and to opposing austerity and its impact on health inequalities.

We note that Corbyn is being supported by the two biggest unions of NHS and health workers, Unison and Unite, and by the Socialist Health Association.

With the Tories’ re-election, they are stepping up their drive to dismantle the NHS. They have accelerated privatisation of services; frozen staff recruitment; and extended the attack on NHS workers’ terms and conditions to doctors. The current Labour leadership is not providing anything like an adequate opposition.

The NHS can only be saved on the basis of public ownership, public control and public provision for need. That means radical policies on increased funding, reversing privatisation and outsourcing, ending the scandal of the Private Finance Initiative, opposing corporate plundering through trade deals like TTIP, restoring migrants’ access to the health service, and ensuring decent terms and conditions for NHS staff. Integration of health and social care must be on the basis of public funding and free public provision, not charges or means-testing.

Only Jeremy Corbyn has committed himself to such policies, and more immediately to backing the frontline struggles of communities, campaigning groups and health workers which are taking place in defence of the NHS now. We call on all those fighting to save the health service to back his campaign.

Pete Campbell, BMA, Medical Practitioners’ Union (Unite), Newcastle East CLP
Shirley Franklin, Chair of Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition
Diane Jones, Newcastle Central CLP
Cam Stocks, Unite
Rachael Winstanley, British Medical Association
Rhiannon Turney
Beth Redmond, Wirral South CLP, National Union of Students NEC
Eleanor Clarke, London Young Labour
Linda Wallington, Royal College of Nursing
Christina Sosseh, Milton Keynes
Alison Brown, Yorkshire Ambulance Unison, Sheffield Save Our NHS
Anita Downs, Unite the Union (branch secretary), Lewisham
Hannah Basson, Unite Gloucester & District Health Branch, Equalities Officer
Roz Dixon
Judith Joy, NHS campaigner
Pam Wortley, Unite, Sunderland Central CLP
Keith Venables, Unite
Jan Birtwell
Alwyn Smith, Labour Party member
Maurice Neville, Keep Our NHS Public Belper
Rita O’Brien, Unite Community
Jean Fraser, Unite Community
Miriam Beeks, BMA and MPU
Martin Booth, Unison
Dr. Pam Zinkin, Islington North CLP
Gaynor Lloyd, KONP
Frederick Sudder
Cllr Lisa-Marie Derbyshire, North East Derbyshire CLP/ Unison
K.O. Pillai, Labour Party
Robert MacGibbon, BMA, UNITE
Dr Iain Maclennan, Unite
Norman Traub, KONP
Dr Peter Draper
Jo Lawson, Unison
Bill MacKeith, NUJ, Oxford West CLP, Oxon Keep Our NHS Public
Dr Jackie Applebe, GP, Tredegar Practice, Tower Hamlets
Sharza Dethick, Unite
Mike Squires, Socialist Health Association
Dr coral jones Unite
Abelardo Clariana-Piga, KONP
Vishal Chauhan, Warwick Medical School Student, Medsin Warwick
Jasmine Fulcher, Unison, BMA
Thalia Martin, Keep our NHS Public
Julia Mountain, Unison, Enfield Southgate CLP
J Davies
VJ Rees
Dr Brian Robinson, MPU – Unite
Gill Buck
Susan Powers, Unison
Chris McCabe, Unite
Dawn Wilford
Lorraine Tunmore
Glyn Oliver, NUT
Diana Neslen, Unison (retired)
Emma Clossick, Unison South West
Dr Judy Atkinson, MPU, Brentford & Isleworth CLP
Pam Wortley, Unite, Labour party
Peter Reeds, Labour party
Francis Mallon, Equity
Sheryl Odlum
Linda Cancelliere, RCN
Marnie Devitt
Alix Timney
Dorothea Bindman, Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Tom Stacey
Eleanor Halsall, Unison
Geoff Small
James W, Norwich South CLP
Anne Rattray, Labour member
Noele Butler, Unison and Burton Labour CLP
Jill McGee
Graham McGee
George White, Unite/ Darwen and Rosedale CLP
Georgina Eastwood
Robert Brenchley
Janet Shapiro, UCU, Hornsey & Wood Green Labour, NPC, KONP
Clive Healiss, Labour Party supporter
Stangya Sorensa, GMB
Keith Ackermann, IWW
Reginald Rhrumper, IWW
John C. Tarr, IWW
Simon L. Arkwright, IWW
David F. Arkwright, IWW
Tracy Ocran
Deborah Rushton, Labour Party member
Kate Aldridge, Unite
Austin Harney, Hertsmere CLP
Tony Dines, Unite, Worthing West CLP
John Heath, Unison (retired member)
Sophie Herbert, NHS doctor
Mick Gilgunn, UCATT/Secretary Islington Trades Council
Shirley Murgraff, NUT retired
Dr Sylvia Chandler, BMA, KONP
John Husband
Rita Issa, Junior Doctor
Julie Meredith, Chartered Society of Physiotherapists
Joan Ramsden
John Connett
Jan Savage, KONP
Richard Gough
Andy Warren, KCLSU
Richard Crook Greenwich & Bexley TUC
Jack Czauderna, MPU (Unite), Sheffield Save Our NHS
Maureen O’Leary, MPU (Unite), Sheffield Save Our NHS
Sharza Dethick, Unite
Ann Harris, Unison Whittington Health
Lawrence Welch Unite (retired)
Emil Ghaffar, University of Manchester
Dr Alex Scott-Samuel, Medical Practitioners Union
Stephanie Prior, Manchester KONP
Katie Crosson, Labour registered supporter
Carol Cameron, Defend Whittington Hospital campaign
Adrian Finney, RMT
Laura Lunn-Bates
John Puntis, Unite
Owen Thomas, British Medial Association
Malcolm Law, People’s Assembly
Christopher Roche, Bath UCU/Bath Labour
Hannah McCarthy, Unite
Martin Whyte BMA, Dundee West CLP
Berenice Kreel
Deborah Hind, Stockport NHS Watch
Jo Lawson, Unison
Dr Jaika Witana, Consultant Physician
John Wrigley, Stockport NHS Watch
Clare McIntyre, Research Nurse, Unite
Brigitte Lechner, Stockport NHS Watch
Sheila Oliver, Unite
Sandy Broadhurst, Unite / Labour Party
Brian Preece, Cheadle CLP
Ron Mendel, Keep Our NHS Public
John Pearson, Unite Greater Manchester
Claire Copple, Unison
Lynne Chamberlain, Secretary, Greenwich & Bexley TUC
Gaynor Lloyd, Protect Brent NHS
Joanne Sanderson, Greenwich and Bexley TUC
Helen Brown
Peter Claydon
Emilia Slezak, Student Member RCN
Hannah Atkins
Sandy Broadhurst, Unite/ Labour Party
Jean Smith, Unite community

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8 Responses to Sign NHS workers’ and campaigners’ statement to back Jeremy Corbyn

  1. Green__Jenny says:

    Why isn’t he stating his support for the NHS Reinstatement Bill and committing to get Labour MPs behind that for its second reading in February 2016? That is the only thing that’s going to restore the NHS.

  2. Cllr Kevin Bennett says:

    The taxpayers own the NHS and no government has ever had a mandate to privatise it, yet both the Conservative and Labour parties have allowed privatisation to creep in. Now TTIP will be the straw that broke the camels back and only a Socialist agenda can bring it back from the brink.

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  4. Dr Jane Garner says:

    I am now retired but despairing at the fragmentation/disintegration of the NHS

  5. Hi Jenny,
    If he wins I very much doubt that will be a problem.
    There is a more general issue that he hasn’t said much about the NHS during the campaign except some comments on PFI. But his positions are pretty clear nonetheless. And of course, unlike the others, he has supported the Reinstatement Bill.

  6. Frank Watkins says:

    Save our NHS!! Can’t you see that the Tories are killing off everything we hold dearly? Comprehension is going out of the window. Do you want a none Comprehensive NHS because that’s what you will get if you do not get behind Jeremy Corbyn

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