Protest at the Home Office against NHS charges for non-EU students and workers

migrantsOn Monday 17 November, International Students Day, the Docs Not Cops campaign, which defends healthcare for all as a right, regardless of immigration status, is working with the NUS International Students’ Campaign to protest outside the Home Office against the NHS fees that international students and recent migrants from outside the EU will now have to pay.

Defending migrants’ access to the NHS is a crucial front in the battle to save our health service. We demand the Labour Party stops pandering to the right on immigration, and among others things pledges to abolish these charges.

4pm, Monday 17 November
@ the Home Office, 2 Marsham Street, SW1P 4DF

Facebook event here

“We are protesting against the unfair charging of non-EU students and workers to access NHS services.

“November 17, next Monday is International Students Day. At 4 pm, some of us will be protesting outside the Home Office (2 Marsham Street, SW1P 4DF) against the NHS fees that international students and recent migrants will have to pay from May 2015. We will be producing an information sheet on the NHS fees soon. It will not be a massive protest in terms of numbers but a symbolic one to show the Home Office that not everybody is happy with the constant scapegoating of international students and migrants.

“The protest is organised by DocsNotCops, a group of medical workers, and NUS International Students Campaign supports it. This year, NUS International Students Campaign is reviving the celebration and campaigning aspect of the day. If you are doing anything for the International Students Day next week, please do tweet about it on the hashtag #internationalstudentsday.”

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