Alyson Pollock’s Bill aims to “stop the NHS becoming simply a memory” – but who will implement it?

Click here for Caroline Molloy’s article on about Alyson Pollock’s NHS Reinstatement Bill and the new campaign around it.

This is an important initiative and all NHS campaigners should support it.

We would add: it is good that the campaign is supported by Green MP Caroline Lucas and by leftish dissidents in the Lib Dems. But the fight to save the health service needs to focus its political demands on the Labour Party – not because Labour as it currently exists can be relied on, but firstly for the obvious reason that Labour is the only short-term governmental alternative to the parties currently privatising and dismantling the NHS, and secondly because of its link to the trade unions.

Unions representing many hundreds of thousands of health workers (Unison, GMB, Unite) are affiliated to the Labour Party, fund it and – still, despite all the changes – have a major voice in its structure. The problem is that they don’t use that voice, including on the NHS. Mobilising our unions and the labour movement to demand a clear commitment from Labour on the future of the health service is an essential task but one that still needs to be seriously developed.

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