If Labour is serious about the NHS, why was our conference motion ruled out?

The following letter was sent to the Guardian by Broxtowe Constituency Labour Party conference delegate Katherine Mycock.


As a Labour Party conference delegate, and a cancer patient who knows from my own experience of suffering and frustration the disastrous effect of privatising and fragmenting NHS services, I welcome the commitments the party leadership is making on the NHS. I do not believe they go far enough, but these issues can and should be discussed and debated further in the party.

However, the resolution which my Constituency Labour Party (and at least seven others) submitted to the conference seeking to strengthen the party’s position on the NHS in terms of reversing privatisation, reversing cuts and dealing with the problem of Private Finance Initiative debts was ruled out of order for essentially no reason. Delegates were denied the chance to debate and vote on these vital questions.

The Labour leadership knows that, if given our say, party members and affiliated trade unionists will go for a radical stance on health, throwing out the likes of Serco, Virgin Care and Circle and re-establishing the NHS itself as the sole provider of public healthcare, so that giving patients the best possible treatment comes before profit. That is something our party should welcome, not fear.

Katherine Mycock
Broxtowe CLP

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