What you can do to build the campaign

3nhsThe NHS Liaison network was set up in 2012, after the passing of the Health and Social Care Act, to develop a neglected aspect of the struggle to save the NHS: the fight in the labour movement to win a clear commitment from Labour on rebuilding the health service. We organised a successful lobby of Labour Party conference in October 2012, and our supporters in the conference succeeded in pushing through a new and stronger policy.

(Scroll down the front page of the blog for reports and materials going back to August 2012.)

In 2013, we remained active, but most of our activists’ energy was taken up in local NHS campaigning. This year, with the general election approaching, we have relaunched the campaign, and received a lot of interest.

Many of our supporters are Labour Party members, but you don’t have to be to get involved. Expect a lot more updates and initiatives soon, but here are some things to get started:

1. Sign and circulate the statement we are promoting, backed by NHS campaigners, health workers and other trade unionists, doctors, Labour Party members and others from across the country: see here. Put the statement to your CLP, union branch or campaign group for support. Send it to your union national executive. Ask your MP and/or councillors to sign.

2. Print off, copy and circulate the campaign bulletin we have produced, which includes the statement: it can be downloaded here.

3. Discuss these issues in your organisation. Invite a speaker from the network to speak at a meeting: email nhsliaison@yahoo.co.uk

4. Share this blog on Facebook and Twitter.

More information: nhsliaison@yahoo.co.uk or 07796 690 874 / 07904 944 771

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