Sussex Defend the NHS Pledge launch

Sussex Defend the NHS and Brighton Keep our NHS Public are calling on local politicians to sign a pledge against privatisation in the NHS. The pledge will be launched officially at a public meeting on 24 September:

7.30pm, Wednesday 24 September
Brighton Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College

Facebook event

The full text of the pledge is:

“I am committed to a universal National Health Service, free at the point of delivery, publicly funded and provided, and which delivers a publicly accountable, quality caring service.

“As a prospective candidate in the general or local elections in Brighton & Hove in 2015, I pledge to:
– campaign for all local commissioning bodies to keep NHS services in-house and to bring back those which have been tendered out.
– support NHS and other health workers who are fighting to defend and improve patient services and to resist the erosion of staffing levels and deterioration in pay, terms and conditions, including if they elect to take industrial action.
– work to increase central government funding for local health services, including public health and social care services.
– oppose the use of the Private Finance Initiative in the NHS and press for a review of existing PFI contracts, which are threatening the solvency of hospital trusts.
– oppose the involvement of private healthcare providers in the operation and provision of facilities, services and beds financed by the new £420 million investment in the Royal Sussex hospital.
– campaign to stop the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership, which aims to make the Health and Social Care Act irreversible.

“I will campaign within my party, locally and nationally, to include in its manifesto for 2015 a commitment to:
– repeal the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and reverse the privatisation of the NHS.
– restore the obligation on the Secretary of State for Health to provide a comprehensive national health service.”

The organisers say: “All candidates for local and national elections in 2105 are being asked to sign this pledge. Those who have signed can be seen on the campaign website – if your local candidates haven’t signed, why not write to them to ask them why? Members of the public can also sign up to support the campaign: petition here.”

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