Support for the lobby from 4:1 Campaign activist Mark Boothroyd

Support continues to come in for our lobby. See you all tomorrow!

It is excellent that Labour party activists are taking up the demand for a 4:1 mandatory minimum staffing ratio in the NHS. Understaffing has been a chronic problem in the NHS for decades under both Labour and Tory governments. Mandatory minimums are a way of guaranteeing good quality patient care for all NHS patients. NHS England produced a £813 million surplus this year, money which would employ 32,000 more nurses, a big step towards being able to provide safe staffing across all NHS wards.
If Labour campaigns for mandatory minimums in the NHS they will gain popular support among hundreds of thousands of NHS staff and patients. Also, it will go some way to removing the stain on their name from allowing the Mid Staffs disaster to occur while they were in government. I hope Andy Burnham and his team listen to Labour activists and NHS workers, and make good on their promises to protect the NHS.

Mark Boothroyd, Staff Nurse, 4:1 Campaign for Mandatory Minimum Staffing Ratios

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