Support for call to save the NHS pours in

For the latest version of this statement with an updated list of signatories, see here.


Support for the statement we initiated to support the 21 September lobby of Labour Party conference, and demand a clear commitment from Labour to rebuilding the NHS, is coming in fast from across the country – from organisations and individuals, from trade unionists, NHS campaigners and Labour Party activists, from health workers and doctors, from councillors, student activists and many others.

See below for the latest list of signatories (we are updating regularly).

In the process we are making more and more links to build a sustained campaign around these issues. Remember that the statement is continuing after 21 September! Please add your or your organisation’s name by emailing, and circulate widely.


We are campaigning for a clear commitment from the Labour Party to saving the National Health Service.

We want to stop and reverse privatisation, and rebuild the NHS as a comprehensive public service providing for all on the basis of need – not a logo above a marketplace of profit-making companies.

We welcome Labour’s pledge to repeal the Health and Social Care Act and its key “competition regulations” promoting marketisation – and to restore the ministerial duty to provide national health services. We also welcome Andy Burnham’s commitment that the NHS must be protected from international “free trade” agreements. We must hold Labour to all this.

But to rebuild the NHS we need more. We need a major drive to undo the damage done by the Act, and before that by years of policies shifting the NHS towards a market system, like the obscenely wasteful “internal market”, widespread privatisation and outsourcing, and fragmentation into competing units. We want a fight to bring contracts already in the hands of private companies back into the NHS. We want an end to the Private Finance Initiative and liberation from crushing PFI debts. We want an end to cash-driven closures, reversal of cuts and adequate funding to rebuild the NHS as a genuine public service.

Such policies are necessary to restore a comprehensive NHS providing a top quality health service for all, as well as decent terms and conditions for its workers. We support a Living Wage and a mandatory minimum staffing ratio of one nurse to every four patients.

We want reversal of the Coalition’s attacks on migrants’ access to the NHS. We want integration of health and social care to mean that social care becomes a public service.

We supported the lobby of Labour Party conference in Manchester on 21 September, and want to build an ongoing alliance of NHS campaigners, Labour Party activists and trade unions/trade unionists to fight for these goals.

Signed by organisations and individuals including:
NHS Liaison Network
999 Call for the NHS (Darlo mums)
Wendy Savage, Keep Our NHS Public President
John Lipetz, KONP Co-Chair
Kate Osamor, NHS worker, Unite activist and Labour Party national executive committee-elect
Christine Shawcroft, Labour Party national executive committee, Nottingham South Constituency Labour Party secretary
Colin Standfield, on behalf of Ealing Hospital SOS
Dr Louise Irvine, Chair of Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign
Owen Jones, writer and activist
Hackney Keep Our NHS Public
Leeds Keep Our NHS Public
East Kent Keep Our NHS Public
North East Keep Our NHS Public
Save Our NHS East London
Save Our NHS Manchester Students
Stephanie Clarke and Jenny Shepherd, on behalf of Save Calderdale Royal Hospital
Anita Downs, Unite SE London Medical branch secretary, Save Lewisham Hospital steering committee
Mark Boothroyd, 4:1 Campaign for mandatory minimum staffing ratios
Jill Mountford, SLH steering committee
Grahame Morris MP
John McDonnell MP
Kingsley Abrams, Conference Delegate, Black and Minority Ethnic Labour Executive
Councillor Joanne Harding, on behalf of Stretford and Urmston CLP
Councillor Karen Jewitt, on behalf of Croydon North CLP
Christina Sosseh, Chair, Save Milton Keynes Hospital Campaign
Andy Forse, Vice Chair, Save Milton Keynes Hospital Campaign
Sue Myhill, Secretary, Save Milton Keynes Hospital Campaign
Southwell Branch Labour Party
Shreya Paudel, National Union of Students International Students’ Officer
Colum McGuire, NUS Vice President Welfare
Carol Ackroyd, Hackney KONP
Jean Fraser, East Kent KONP
Caroline Molloy, OurNHS openDemocracy editor
Jon Lansman, Editor, Left Futures
Nick Palmer, Labour prospective parliamentary candidate, Broxtowe
Pat Smith, Hull North CLP secretary
Dr Peter Fisher, NHS Consultants’ Association president
Dr Jacky Davis, NHS Consultants’ Association co-chair
Dr Ron Singer, Medical Practioners Union (Unite) chair
Pete Radcliff, Secretary, Beeston North Labour Party, Broxtowe CLP
Val Graham, Chesterfield CLP, Trades Council and Save Our NHS
Becky Crocker, RMT National Women’s Advisory Committee chair
Pete Firmin, Labour Representation Committee political secretary, chair, Brent Trades Union Council
Dr Pete Campbell, junior doctor, Newcastle
Waïda Forman, Labour councillor in Harlow, Unison branch Secretary at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow Trades Council chair
Kevin Bennett, Labour councillor in Warrington, Unite activist
Steve Battlemuch, Labour councillor, Nottingham City
Andrea Oates, Labour councillor, Broxtowe
Greg Marshall, Labour councillor, Broxtowe
Nathan Morrison, Labour councillor, Aberdeen
Cathy Watson, Labour councillor, Welwyn Hatfield, Herts
Mike Rowley, Labour councillor and cabinet member, Oxford, council mental health champion
Gilda Peterson, Leeds KONP
Doreen Illingworth, Leeds North West CLP
Chris Marks, PCS union North West Regional Organiser
Matt Wells, PCS union Branch 001026 organiser
Russell Carr, PCS Culture AEC
Marsha Jane Thompson, Havering Unison secretary and LRC Vice Chair
Pia Feig, Trafford KONP and Unison Manchester Community and Mental Health
Barbara Iqbal, Trafford KONP and Unison
Sarah Barratt, Trafford KONP
Nik Barstow, Trafford KONP, Unite and Stretford and Urmston CLP
Tom Barstow, Trafford KONP, PCS and Stretford and Urmston CLP
Maggie Barker, Trafford KONP and Unison Salford University Branch
Ron Mendel, Northampton Reclaim Our NHS chair and Northampton Trades Council President
John Sweeney, UCATT East of England Political Co-ordinator
Professor Alwyn Smith
Omar Raii, University College London Union External Affairs and Campaigns Officer
Andrew Fisher, LEAPeconomics / Croydon Central CLP
Professor Robert Moore, Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology, The University of Liverpool
Michael Coleman, Professor Epidemiology and Vital Statistics, Cancer Research UK Cancer Survival Group, Department of Non-Communicable Disease Epidemiology, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Shelly Asquith, University of the Arts Students’ Union President
Saffron Rose, Education Officer, Leeds Beckett Uni SU
Daniel Nichols, Romford CLP chair
Daniel Cooper, NUS National Executive Committee
James Elliott, NUS NEC
Max O’Donnell-Savage, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts NC
Vishal Chauhan, KONP Warwick university and Medsin Warwick
Ruth Cashman, Lambeth Council Unison secretary
Hassina Malik, Lambeth Unison Convenor for Communities, Housing & Environment and Assistant Branch Secretary
Lynne Roper, paramedic, Okehampton, Devon
Ria Bernard, London Young Labour Campaigns Officer
Liam McNulty, London Young Labour Campaigns Officer
Hannah Thompson, London Young Labour committee
Dan Young, Chair, London Young Labour
Gavin Sibthorpe, London Young Labour Policy Officer
Caroline Hill, Young Labour committee Trade Union Officer
Conrad Landin, Young Labour committee Eastern Representative
Rida Vaquas, Young Labour committee, Under 19’s Officer
Max Shanly, Young Labour committee, South East Representative
Janet Shapiro, Hornsey and Wood Green Labour Party, Defend Haringey Health Services Coalition
Dr Alex Scott-Samuel, joint chair, Politics of Health Group
Dr Mary Edmondson, London
Dr Pam Martin, London
Dr Judith Ibison, GP and senior lecturer
Dr Jack Czauderna, Retired GP and GPwSI in CFS/ME, Sheffield Save Our NHS
Dr Maureen O’Leary, Retired Consultant Psychiatrist, Sheffield Save Our NHS
Dr Helen Groom, Keep Our NHS Public North East
Dr Aneez Esmail, Associate Vice-President, Social Responsibility and Equality & Diversity, Manchester University
Martin Manasse, Keep Our NHS Public North East
Dr David Wrigley, GP Carnforth in Lancashire, British Medical Association Council
Patrick Murphy, National Union of Teachers national executive
Liam Conway, NUT national executive and Nottingham Trades Council President
Annie Moelwyn-Hughes
Prue Plumridge
Val Walsh, Liverpool
Rita O’Brien
Patrick French, Unite
Teresa Williamson
Gordon Nardell, former Labour councillor
Judith Varley, Liverpool University
Suresh Chauhan, Leicester
Dr Sue Povall, Liverpool University
Cam Stocks
Robert MacGibbon, BMA, Leiston Branch Labour Party deputy chair
Jilla Burgess-Allen, Public Health Specialty Registrar, Public Health, Derby Council
Mano Chandy
Terry Crow, Unite & Eastleigh CLP activist
Adam Peters, filmmaker, director of NHS SOS
Chris Allen, Unison Leicestershire health
Clare McIntyre, research nurse
Val Morley
Mark Borrett
Ian Mcarthur, Chair, Beeston North Labour Party, Broxtowe CLP
Tony Byrne, East Midland Central RMT chair
Daniel Randall, RMT London Underground Bakerloo branch
Clare Bambra, Professor of Public Health Geography, Durham University
Mike Phipps, Chair, Kensal Green Branch Labour Party
Najeeb Nazir, Nottingham South CLP conference delegate and Unison Nottingham City Labour Link
Andrea Franks, Consultant Dermatologist, NHS Consultants’ Association, Merseyside KONP
Matt Styles, University of Nottingham
Kirstie Coolin, Broxtowe CLP
Brenda Allan, Hornsey and Wood Green Labour Party
Nick Davidson, 38 Degrees, Haringey
Michelle Maher, steering group of WOWpetition/WOWcampaign
Vicki Lackenby
Susan Harrison
Dr Jackie Applebee, Tower Hamlets GP, activist in Save Our Surgeries campaign
Christine McCabe, IWW member and volunteer for Care Network Cambs
Graham Askew
Dr Anita Roy, member of KONP, North Yorkshire
Ian Morrison, Hucknall Branch Labour Party and Sherwood CLP
Dr David Nicholl, FRCP Consultant Neurologist, Birmingham
Maia Hough, Labour voter, Wales
Judith Joy
Marilyn Grossman
Caroline Leneghan, health worker, London
Mrs Judith Anderson, Brighton
Ronne Randall, Nottingham
Tony Pierre, nurse and Unison activist, Northumberland
John Connett, Cambridge

This statement was launched on 17 September and the list is growing all the time. To add your or your organisation’s name or for more information, email or ring 07796 690 874

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  1. Tony Pierre says:

    Nurse and Unison activist

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