Leeds Keep Our NHS Public support the lobby!

We are pleased to publish a statement from Gilda Paterson on behalf of Leeds Keep Our NHS Public!

Leeds Keep Our NHS Public will be lobbying the Labour Party Conference to urge the Labour Party to get off its knees, stop the Coalition wrecking our NHS and get it back into public ownership before it is too late. In the past Labour have been part of the problem not part of the solution. To earn the trust of the Scots, the Jarrow marchers and the general public they need to acknowledge past mistakes, return to the principles on which the NHS was founded and start leading from the front.

It isn’t enough for Andy Burnham to promise to repeal the Health and Social Care Act, restore the Secretary of State’s duty to provide a comprehensive health service and try to keep Health out of the impending international trade agreement. It isn’t enough to say that they will make the NHS the “preferred provider. We want rid of the purchaser/ provider split. We want a publicly owned, publicly run health service which is given the funding it needs to maintain excellent standards of health care for all.

To achieve this needs vision, boldness and the commitment of the whole party. Our message to Labour is simple: Get up. Stand Up. Do it!

A good start would be to use the opportunity provided by Clive Efford’s Private Members Bill to adopt Allyson Pollock’s draft bill for the reinstatement of the NHS.


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