Growing mobilisation on the NHS as CLPs demand a commitment from Labour

Many thousands demonstrated in London yesterday as we welcomed the 999 People’s March for the NHS to the capital. The turnout in London, and the success of the march more generally, shows there is an appetite for a concerted fightback to stop the destruction of the health service.

Meanwhile, there is a growing awareness of the need to demand a clear commitment from the Labour Party on the NHS. Protesting against the Coalition is necessary, but there is no guarantee that a Labour government will save the health service either – unless we organise to make sure it does.

New support for our lobby (21 September, Manchester – more details here and here) is coming in every day. We will publish a series of statements from supporting organisations and individuals about the importance of this campaign over the next two weeks.

At least five Constituency Labour Parties have now submitted our model contemporary resolution (so far Hull North, Broxtowe, Leeds North West, Stretford and Urmston, Houghton and Sunderland South) the conference. A number of others are discussing it. The more that submit it, the more likely it is be discussed and passed so please submit it to your CLP and circulate to your contacts in the Labour Party.

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