Motion on NHS for Labour Party conference 2014

For a new, updated version see here.


We are calling for CLPs to submit this “contemporary resolution” to Labour Party conference.
To let us know if you are submitting it, email or ring 07904 944 771


Conference welcomes the countrywide demonstrations in defence of the NHS, including the August-September 999 march from Jarrow to London.

Conference agrees with Andy Burnham’s 29 July statement that our response to the Tories’ privatisation of the NHS cannot wait until the general election. We welcome Clive Efford’s private member’s bill if it reverses the worst NHS privatisation.

Conference notes that last year £10 billion of NHS spending went to purchase healthcare from non-NHS bodies such as Virgin and Care UK.

Conference notes that the original PFI expenditure building hospitals was £12.2 billion, but the NHS has had to pay back £70.5 billion.

Conference supports the ongoing Living Wage campaign of Care UK workers in Doncaster, who struck from 29 July to 11 August against wage cuts imposed by the private-equity firm which owns their employer, and believes such struggles show the need for a public care system.

Conference affirms the party’s commitment to:

Repeal the Health and Social Care Act and associated ‘competition regulations’
Restore ministerial duty to provide comprehensive services
Reverse outsourcing and privatisation
Ensure health is excluded from international “free trade” agreements
Rebuild the NHS as a publicly owned, publicly accountable, publicly (and adequately) funded system
End use of PFI and liberate the NHS from crushing PFI debts
Ensure any integration of health and social care is a public system
Ensure decent terms and conditions, including a Living Wage, for health and care staff
Reduce waiting times and guarantee minimum staffing levels of one nurse to four patients.

(250 words)

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