Lobby Labour to save the NHS: call by Broxtowe CLP, June 2014

The following statement was passed by Broxtowe CLP in Nottinghamshire on 26 June.

The Tories are well on the way to destroying the National Health Service in all but name. If Labour is going to save the NHS, we must commit to restoring it as a comprehensive public service, publicly owned, publicly accountable and publicly run, providing quality healthcare for all on the basis of need.

We need a Labour government and call on Labour MPs and PPCs to commit to:

· Repeal all the Coalition’s legislative attacks on the NHS, including the Health and Social Care Act, associated “competition regulations” and new rules making it much harder to legally challenge cuts and closures.

· Stop and reverse policies that have shifted the NHS towards a market system ­including the obscenely wasteful “internal market”, the “any qualified provider” rule, and widespread outsourcing/subcontracting, which are transferring billions in NHS spending to private companies.

· Restore the ministerial duty to provide a comprehensive service.

· Exclude the NHS from international “competition frameworks”, including the EU-US Free Trade Agreement TTIP.

· End the PFI swindle: liberate hospitals and trusts from crushing debts and replace PFI with direct funding.

· Guarantee a 4:1 minimum patient-nurse ratio and decent terms, conditions and rights for NHS staff.

· Reverse funding, service and job cuts and providing adequate funding to rebuild the NHS.

The results of campaigning on this over the last two years strongly suggests that a more sustained campaign could make substantial progress. We therefore resolve to sponsor the 21 September lobby of Labour Party conference being organised by NHS campaigners and help organise a national meeting to discuss and plan activity on these issues.

More info: Broxtowe CLP secretary Pete Radcliff peteradcliff@gmail.com

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