Labour Party bureaucracy rules out motions to save the NHS

The Labour Party’s Conference Arrangements Committee has ruled out a number of contemporary resolutions on the NHS submitted to the conference opening in Brighton today. We don’t yet know the formal reasons for the disqualifications, but knowledge of the party’s recent history suggests that the real objection was that the motions, based on this text, were uncomfortable for the Labour leadership.

Resolutions based on last year’s successful resolution promoted by this blog have been accepted. In other words, the party bureaucracy is saying: this much clarity, concreteness and radicalism on the NHS, but no more!

The issue is not simply whether Labour Party conference discusses or passes this or that bit of text. The issue is the failure of the party leadership to guarantee that they will take the kind of measures necessary to save the health service, and the use of bureaucratic manoeuvring to prevent Labour and trade union members expressing their will on this. It is the same problem facing the labour movement on many other issues, but particularly glaring in the case of an NHS which the party leaders say they want to defend.

Labour’s failure to take a clear stand makes the work of the Coalition and private companies in pulling apart the NHS much easier.

A campaign demanding Labour makes clear commitments on reversing cuts and privatisation in the health service, and rebuilding it as a public service, is more than ever an urgent necessity – above all a campaign in and by Labour’s affiliated trade unions, which include hundreds of thousands of NHS workers.

For more information, or if you’d like to get involved in campaigning on this, ring 07796 690 874 or email

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One Response to Labour Party bureaucracy rules out motions to save the NHS

  1. This is rich the unions who funded labour to privatise our NHS moaning?, next the unions funding Labour and complaining about workfare which the TUC supports, or the unions that fund labour to hire say Labour Peer,s Filkin,s SERCO to sack their members, time the rank & file union members got a grip and got shot of their fatcat self-serving party serving scabby leaders !

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