London meeting to discuss the way forward for the campaign, 23 March

Meeting organised by the NHS Unity Network

3pm, Saturday 23 March (was originally 9 March – has now been moved)
Unite the Union HQ, 128 Theobalds Road, London WC1X 8TN (Holborn tube)

Facebook event

Last year during the fight against the Health and Social Care Bill, the NHS Liaison/Unity Network was set up by activists trying to coordinate various aspects of the fight to defend the NHS. In the last few months our supporters have mainly been active in local battles such as the Save Lewisham A&E campaign. However, we are reviving the network to follow up various strands of the campaign.

Last October, the Network worked with the LRC, Keep Our NHS Public and others to organise a mass lobby of Labour Party conference, to demand a Labour commitment to reversing the Tories’ attacks on our health service and rebuilding the NHS – including liberating the health service from PFI debt. Working with delegates and the unions, the lobby succeeded in pushing through a new Labour Party policy.

As more and more local campaigns come up against the issue of PFI debt, these questions are of growing significance. But anyone who knows anything about the Labour Party knows that its formal policy won’t be put into practice without a fight!

Join us on 23 March to discuss how we can mobilise the labour movement for a campaign to make sure that, when we get rid of the Coalition, we get a government that really will rebuild the NHS. This is not a meeting just for Labour Party members but for anyone concerned about defending the NHS.

* Speakers will include Pat Smith from Hull North CLP, who moved the motion at Labour Party conference, and an activist Save Lewisham A&E on how these demands relate to local campaigns to save NHS facilities and services.

For more information email or ring 07904 944 771.

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