Labour, trade union and NHS activists call for party to take a stand

The following letter was printed in the September 29 edition of the Guardian.

Only the names below were sent to the Guardian, but almost 200 activists signed it. The full list will be put up on this site soon.


At this year’s Labour party conference (Politics, 28 September) resolutions on the NHS have been submitted by local parties calling for a clear commitment to reversing the Tories’ disastrous “reforms” and returning to the founding principles of the NHS – quality healthcare for all on the basis of need, as a right, in a publicly owned, publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable system. Tomorrow, Labour party activists, trade unionists and NHS campaigners will be lobbying the conference in support of these resolutions, and a variety of other events on the NHS will take place throughout the week. We urge delegates and conference organisers to help ensure the essential content of the resolutions is discussed, voted on and passed, and all parts of the Labour party to join with health workers’ unions and health campaigners to defend the NHS against the Tories’ assault.

Pat Smith Hull North Labour party (one of submitters of resolution on NHS)
Wendy Savage and John Lipetz Co-chairs, Keep Our NHS Public
Jill Mountford NHS Liaison Network
John McDonnell MP Chair, Labour Representation Committee
Martin Meyer Unite executive council and Labour Party national executive committee
Éoin Clarke Green Benches blog and founder of Labour Left
Cllr Joanne Harding Campaign co-ordinator, Save Trafford General
Matthew Finnegan Campaign chair, Save Trafford General
Jane Stewart Chair, Unite national women’s committee and TUC general council
Dave Quayle Chair, Unite national political committee
John Cooper Unite executive council
June Hautot South West London Keep Our NHS Public
Dr Ian Banks British Medical Association council
Dr Jacky Davis Co-chair, NHS Consultants’ Association
Dr Peter Fisher President, NHS Consultants’ Association
Dr John Lister Director, Health Emergency
Dr Ron Singer President, Medical Practitioners’ Union-Unite
Dr Jonathon Tomlinson GP
Dr David Wrigley GP
Alison Brown Sheffield Save Our NHS, ambulance worker
Mark Boothroyd Health Worker Network
John Galloway Co-ordinator, We Love the NHS Greenwich
Marsha Jane Thompson Chair, Unison United Left
Max Watson Unison national executive committee (personal capacity)
George Binette Camden Unison branch secretary (pc)
Ian Hodson National president, Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union
Owen Jones Author and journalist
Janine Booth London Transport representative, Rail, Maritime and Transport Union national executive (pc)
Liam Burns President, National Union of Students
Vicki Baars National Secretary, NUS
Pete Mercer Vice-president welfare, NUS
Michael Chessum NUS national executive council
Pete Campbell Mature and part-time students’ officer, Newcastle University students’ union, 4th-year medical student
Esther Townsend National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts
Daniel Lemberger Cooper Acting president, University of London Union
Candy Udwin Chair, Keep Our NHS Public, Camden
Nicholas Csergo Holborn and St Pancras Labour party and KONP
Lin Lahm Hackney LINk
Pete Radcliff Secretary, Broxtowe Labour party
Cllrs Greg Marshall and Andrea Oates Broxtowe borough council
Judy Atkinson Secretary, Brentford & Isleworth Labour party
Janet Shapiro Defend Haringey Health Services Coalition and National Pensioners’ Convention
Natasha Posner Socialist Health Association and KONP
Cllr Pat Healy Labour health spokesperson, Kensington & Chelsea Council

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